Sunday, September 12, 2010

T-shirt Dress...

I have wanted to do this for so long!! How many times do you say that to yourself after you finally complete a project?

I have googled it so many times and book marked different tutorials over the past 3 years and in the end I just winged it and am so excited with the outcome.

I used an op shop bought T-shirt of mine which was a little big on me but it was so comfy and I knew if I turned it into a dress for Bubble she would love it and have a comfy dress too.

I was made in the 80's can you tell?

I took one of Bubbles sleeves dresses and used it as a template like all DIYers.
Now I didn't take the lack of sleeves into consideration so I just traced them on ... You know just kinda guessed it!

I used the original sleeves that I cut away from the shirt. I added 4 pleats on each sleeve to create a little bit more girlie feel.

I am not too sure how to finish of the neck line though.
I like it the way it is but if it's going to look like a dress rather than a nightie then I need to finish it off!!

Any ideas?

Now the test of a really comfy dress is if it can pass the play test! I give it a big thumbs up there!!

Bubble is also sporting another GemmJoy headband... I have a new addiction to all GemmaJoy creations at the moment!! I have to share all our goodies with you in my next post!!

I couldn't help but add this shot of Bubble to the post!! Couldn't you just kiss her??!! I could!! I do!!

Dress $1
Shoes from Treasure Shop $2
GemmaJoy headband was a gift.

Now if you love refashion and love to see what can be created from an adult shirt then pop past See Sam's. Amanda and Rebecca and crazy creative when it comes to refashion. I am also going to give the Warhol dress a go over at MADE.

Now Moo wants a t-shirt dress as well for Spring so I might have to do a bit more googling and raid Carlos' wardrobe for some shirts... Sshh.


  1. What if you added some ties around the waist or a belt to pull it in. Looks great. Shes so cute. She looks like shes growing up and how gorgeous are her eyes

  2. this looks really cute Steph! i love the little gathers on the sleeves. i don't think it's the neckline that makes it look like a nightie but perhaps no waistline does it? you could put some ties from the seems at the sides that tie in a bow at the back... just an idea

    nice work though, you could leave it as it is

    x isis

  3. Rainbow Brite! Take me right back to my childhood. Now I wish I knew what happened to the Rainbow Brite bed sheets we used to have....

  4. Very cute, good job. I agree, maybe a waist of some sort? some small ties at each side or elastic or something??

  5. Hello! I just hopped over from Wardrobe Refashion to suggest fold-over elastic (FOE) to finish the neck. It's my #1 favorite way to "cheat" when finishing knits. You can find it in a million colors online and it's pretty cheap. There are a million tutorials out there on how to use it. Hope this helps! Good work!

  6. TOTALLY awesome, dude!! She is just sooooo adorable!! Maybe a rainbow ribbon around the neckline..ruffle it a little? If you want to pull the dress in some, maybe an elastic thread stitch across the back right under the armpit seams? Great JOB!! Miss you friend!! xo