Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rebekah's Wedding Fascinator..

My very first friend I met on the Central Coast is getting married.
I met Rebekah when she offered to give me a lift to Sydney for the Sunny Mummy BOL. We hadn't even met until she pulled into my drive way and now we do coffee, cream, chats and crochet on a regular basis.

Today Rebekah came over with all the scraps from her wedding dress so I could make her a fascinator to coordinate with her wedding dress.

This is only the mock up. There won't be a denim rose in the finished one I just need to fill the space with something.

We also have to thank Gemma for being online and giving us some very helpful advice on how to start the rose.

I may have stumbled across a new Over It! item in the process...

Don't forget to call past our giveaway... I draw the winner tomorrow night!!


  1. I love it, but you already know that. :-) Thank you Gemma for your help today too

  2. ooooh...pretty!! Great job! So glad you had a good giveaway!! xo