Monday, September 20, 2010

Rebekah's Wedding Fascinator Is Finished...

Yesterday I was working on the final design for Rebekah's wedding fascinator.
You can see the mock up here.

Gemma suggested working on my folds before starting the final one so that's exactly what I did. This is the first time I have manipulated material into a rose using this method so I was open to all kinds of advice on this one!!

Made from the scraps of Rebekah's wedding dress which her mother made, the lace and ribbon too. I can think of nothing more special than having a handmade wedding can you?! Rebekah is even making seashell soaps as wedding favours for the guests... yes please!

Now I am not one to boast but I am pretty pleased with my efforts. So much so that I am going to add a new product to my Over It! collection.


  1. Looks great!
    Ally <'v'>

  2. wow thats so good, bet the soaps are yummy too!

  3. That's beautiful! Do you think at some stage we'll be able to see her whole wedding dress with the headpiece?

  4. Nicely done. What a special accessory.

  5. Oh this headpiece is ingenious and the colour is just delish! I may need to buy one from you if you're selling them. Thanks for your lovely comment on WR. I'm a new follower:)