Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hi my name is Steph and I am addicted to handmade...

I have been buying lots of handmade goodies recently.
It has come to my attention that they also seem to be mostly GemmaJoy purchases although I did receive some as a gift for Bubble so someone else is feeding my addiction.

So I thought I would share my random addiction with you.

My caravan brooch arrived in the post today.

It is my most recent GemmaJoy purchase and a random coincidence that she made it. I had seen the ones she made here and suggested a lime/purple combo not realising that she was already working on one that night. The following morning when she put the photo up I grabbed it quick sticks!

Thanks Gemma it looks even better than the photos.

A small collection of the girls handmade headbands.

The first 5 on the left are GemmaJoy creations plus this one and this one which the girls have put away 'safely'

The 2 bottom left ones and the right column were made by me from all recycled materials.

This one is a gift from Rebekah. I actually taught her to crochet then she learned how to make a flower so she taught me back...hehe.

This was my very first GemmaJoy purchase... This one is still my favourite.

Now with so many headbands we needed a special place to store them. What better place than a Cubbyhouse denim peg bag. Em suggested it after sending one my way!

At least my addiction isn't hurting anyone. If anything it's a very supportive addiction of all things handmade and recycled!!

Oh I also bought these eco earrings from Epheriall. They are simply awesomefullness.. hehe.

Do you have a supportive addiction? I would love to know!


  1. Ooh! That caravan brooch is a winner.
    Stand tall, say it loud “I love homemade”, now wear that brooch with pride. :)

  2. Love the caravan brooch, so cute!

    I love your addiction, may it grow and prosper.

  3. hehehehe, I think I have the same addiction! Maybe we should join a

    Beautiful headbands :)

  4. Woohoo, I'm addicted to handmade! May have to start a weekly meeting