Saturday, September 18, 2010

Green Thumbs...

Remember how excited I was when we moved here at the beginning of the year because I could finally start my veggie garden? Well Friday we got around to planting our seedlings from Moo's school plus the rest that we picked up from the flower shop!!

Bear is patiently waiting to plant his basil.
In the meantime he is practicing using the watering can...

Our selection of herbs and veggies.

We choose shallots, lettuce, coriander, cucumber, thyme, tomatoes, chilli, strawberries.

Bear paying some love and attention to his tomato plant.
He is so proud of himself.

I also told the kids that they have to talk to the plants and give them their happy thoughts to grow... an exchange of energy you might say.

All our gardening is complete!
Moo and Carlos placed the pots and decided which plants were going where.

Bubble woke up after we were all done and was a little cranky that there were no strawberries yet. She'll have to wait a little longer I am afraid.

So lets see just how green our thumbs are. We might be able to be green in what we wear but this is a while new ball game!!


  1. woo hoo, growing your own vege is the most fun in the world!

  2. Nice work guys!
    ...and 'Happy Environment Week' from my family to yours
    Ally <'v'>

  3. I'm sure Bear put in some Michael Jackson moves while he was doing the garden. Only 4 weeks to the Fair and I am starting to stress. Talk soon about finalising the poster.


  4. Looking good! I hope your thumbs are very green!