Wednesday, September 8, 2010

3 Little Recycled Owls...

Ally asked me a little while ago to test out a tutorial for her wacky, wobbly little owls.
I finally got around to making them today and after I took the photos Moo decided my jacket is now hers including all 3 little owls!!

I think that is a compliment for both my craft and fashion sense don't you?!

I think I did alright don't you?! These are the ones she made me here to compare. They are all made from recycled mens neck ties, buttons, thread and pins to back for a brooch.

My favourite part is the stitching through the button holes which look like eye lashes!!

Today is also your final chance to enter my giveaway for a recycled Gina Purse like this one.

My friends over at Snugglebug are also having a giveaway. Details on their facebook page. You could win yourself a handmade sleeping bag... well not for you but for a newborn baby you may know!!


  1. They're so cute, what a great idea!

  2. Who would have thunk it? Ties have personalities!

  3. I love your dinky owls!! I was lucky enough to test Ally's tutorial too, and I sewed one of me owls to a t-shirt - which, coincidentally, I'm wearing right now!

  4. Hey Steph!!
    They look fantastic. I love them all grouped together. A parliament of owl... these guys look almost as unstable as our Government. They also look excellent on the brown velour. I wouldn't give the jacket back either Moo! Makes for a very grown up you!
    Miss you guys. Ally <'v'>

  5. What a fantastic idea! I love these!

  6. Man she is starting to look "pre-teenish"...WHAT are you going to DO???!!!! :) The owls are sooo cute, and I used to steal old blazers from my dad's closet and totally wear pins and buttons on them!! LOVE that it all comes back around!! xo