Thursday, September 30, 2010


Blogtoberfest starts tomorrow.

All you have to do is sign up to play along over at Tinniegirl's blog and blog everyday in October.

I played along last year and to my surprise I blogged all 31 days of the month. This year I am not sure if I will be able to keep up but I will do my best to try!!

There is also a list of giveaways listed on CurlyPops blog so be sure to stop past there too!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Rebekah's Wedding Fascinator Is Finished...

Yesterday I was working on the final design for Rebekah's wedding fascinator.
You can see the mock up here.

Gemma suggested working on my folds before starting the final one so that's exactly what I did. This is the first time I have manipulated material into a rose using this method so I was open to all kinds of advice on this one!!

Made from the scraps of Rebekah's wedding dress which her mother made, the lace and ribbon too. I can think of nothing more special than having a handmade wedding can you?! Rebekah is even making seashell soaps as wedding favours for the guests... yes please!

Now I am not one to boast but I am pretty pleased with my efforts. So much so that I am going to add a new product to my Over It! collection.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Green Thumbs...

Remember how excited I was when we moved here at the beginning of the year because I could finally start my veggie garden? Well Friday we got around to planting our seedlings from Moo's school plus the rest that we picked up from the flower shop!!

Bear is patiently waiting to plant his basil.
In the meantime he is practicing using the watering can...

Our selection of herbs and veggies.

We choose shallots, lettuce, coriander, cucumber, thyme, tomatoes, chilli, strawberries.

Bear paying some love and attention to his tomato plant.
He is so proud of himself.

I also told the kids that they have to talk to the plants and give them their happy thoughts to grow... an exchange of energy you might say.

All our gardening is complete!
Moo and Carlos placed the pots and decided which plants were going where.

Bubble woke up after we were all done and was a little cranky that there were no strawberries yet. She'll have to wait a little longer I am afraid.

So lets see just how green our thumbs are. We might be able to be green in what we wear but this is a while new ball game!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Creative Space... Denim Shapes.

I am cutting out different denim shapes from my scraps left over from my other projects.
cutting denim for one pattern is one thing but cutting it by hand over and over again gets a little painful!!

Available in new born, child and adult sizes.

These will be available at the Papalya Childrens Centre Spring Market this Saturday 18th Sept. If you are on the Central Coast then stop by 6 Woodport CloseErnia from 8-1pm.

rachelle rachelle and Just Like Katie will be there too!!

Right now I am about to take the kids in the bike trailer to Spotlight. My bulb has blown on my sewing machine and I have a party dress to make for Moo. Not quiet what I was planning today.

For more creativeness stop past Kootoyoo.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hi my name is Steph and I am addicted to handmade...

I have been buying lots of handmade goodies recently.
It has come to my attention that they also seem to be mostly GemmaJoy purchases although I did receive some as a gift for Bubble so someone else is feeding my addiction.

So I thought I would share my random addiction with you.

My caravan brooch arrived in the post today.

It is my most recent GemmaJoy purchase and a random coincidence that she made it. I had seen the ones she made here and suggested a lime/purple combo not realising that she was already working on one that night. The following morning when she put the photo up I grabbed it quick sticks!

Thanks Gemma it looks even better than the photos.

A small collection of the girls handmade headbands.

The first 5 on the left are GemmaJoy creations plus this one and this one which the girls have put away 'safely'

The 2 bottom left ones and the right column were made by me from all recycled materials.

This one is a gift from Rebekah. I actually taught her to crochet then she learned how to make a flower so she taught me back...hehe.

This was my very first GemmaJoy purchase... This one is still my favourite.

Now with so many headbands we needed a special place to store them. What better place than a Cubbyhouse denim peg bag. Em suggested it after sending one my way!

At least my addiction isn't hurting anyone. If anything it's a very supportive addiction of all things handmade and recycled!!

Oh I also bought these eco earrings from Epheriall. They are simply awesomefullness.. hehe.

Do you have a supportive addiction? I would love to know!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

T-shirt Dress...

I have wanted to do this for so long!! How many times do you say that to yourself after you finally complete a project?

I have googled it so many times and book marked different tutorials over the past 3 years and in the end I just winged it and am so excited with the outcome.

I used an op shop bought T-shirt of mine which was a little big on me but it was so comfy and I knew if I turned it into a dress for Bubble she would love it and have a comfy dress too.

I was made in the 80's can you tell?

I took one of Bubbles sleeves dresses and used it as a template like all DIYers.
Now I didn't take the lack of sleeves into consideration so I just traced them on ... You know just kinda guessed it!

I used the original sleeves that I cut away from the shirt. I added 4 pleats on each sleeve to create a little bit more girlie feel.

I am not too sure how to finish of the neck line though.
I like it the way it is but if it's going to look like a dress rather than a nightie then I need to finish it off!!

Any ideas?

Now the test of a really comfy dress is if it can pass the play test! I give it a big thumbs up there!!

Bubble is also sporting another GemmJoy headband... I have a new addiction to all GemmaJoy creations at the moment!! I have to share all our goodies with you in my next post!!

I couldn't help but add this shot of Bubble to the post!! Couldn't you just kiss her??!! I could!! I do!!

Dress $1
Shoes from Treasure Shop $2
GemmaJoy headband was a gift.

Now if you love refashion and love to see what can be created from an adult shirt then pop past See Sam's. Amanda and Rebecca and crazy creative when it comes to refashion. I am also going to give the Warhol dress a go over at MADE.

Now Moo wants a t-shirt dress as well for Spring so I might have to do a bit more googling and raid Carlos' wardrobe for some shirts... Sshh.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Winners Are...

For this giveaway I decided to wait until Bubble and Bear were asleep. Of course they didn't want to go to sleep so the giveaway draw was pushed back further and further.

Until now...

58 names went into my recycled record bowl!!
Do you like the material... it's from Jazzy!!

All folded and placed in the bowl.
*Drum roll please*

Sophie you have won a Gina Purse pictured below...

And because I get carried away and want to give EVERYONE something I let myself choose one extra for a runner up prize.
Brenda you will be receiving some goodies in the mail too!!

One of the runner up prizes will include a Circular Denim Headband.

Thank you to everyone who entered and shared my giveaway with friends!!
I can't wait to do another one!!

Be sure to stop past Kootoyoo for creative happenings!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

3 Little Recycled Owls...

Ally asked me a little while ago to test out a tutorial for her wacky, wobbly little owls.
I finally got around to making them today and after I took the photos Moo decided my jacket is now hers including all 3 little owls!!

I think that is a compliment for both my craft and fashion sense don't you?!

I think I did alright don't you?! These are the ones she made me here to compare. They are all made from recycled mens neck ties, buttons, thread and pins to back for a brooch.

My favourite part is the stitching through the button holes which look like eye lashes!!

Today is also your final chance to enter my giveaway for a recycled Gina Purse like this one.

My friends over at Snugglebug are also having a giveaway. Details on their facebook page. You could win yourself a handmade sleeping bag... well not for you but for a newborn baby you may know!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rebekah's Wedding Fascinator..

My very first friend I met on the Central Coast is getting married.
I met Rebekah when she offered to give me a lift to Sydney for the Sunny Mummy BOL. We hadn't even met until she pulled into my drive way and now we do coffee, cream, chats and crochet on a regular basis.

Today Rebekah came over with all the scraps from her wedding dress so I could make her a fascinator to coordinate with her wedding dress.

This is only the mock up. There won't be a denim rose in the finished one I just need to fill the space with something.

We also have to thank Gemma for being online and giving us some very helpful advice on how to start the rose.

I may have stumbled across a new Over It! item in the process...

Don't forget to call past our giveaway... I draw the winner tomorrow night!!

Hello Tuesday...

Have you entered our giveaway yet?

It's such a lovely, sunny morning.
The children are dancing to Michael Jackson so I thought I would quickly share with you some of the newest items I have added to my madeit store.

Hope you have a lovely Tuesday... I plan on it!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bear And Iona Sitting In The Tree...

Have you entered my giveaway yet?

Bear had a very special young girl come over to play this afternoon. About 10 mins before she was due to arrive he insisted I help make her something special.

Bear: Mummy we have to make Iona something special to wear.
Mum: What would you like to make her?
Bear: A headband with zippers.
Mum: We can do that. What colour zippers do you think she would like?
Bear: Purple...ummm... Blue and pink. I can't wait for Iona to come over so I can kiss her on the lips.
Mum: I think you should just kiss her on the cheek if you need to kiss her. Why do you want to kiss her on the lips?
Bear: Because she is so beautiful.
Mum: Well I can't argue with that can I?!

He even signed the card... awww.
My little man is the sweetest thing ever!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Freedom Here We Come...

...Head over here to enter my giveaway...

Some of you know that Carlos and I don't drive... shocking I know.
Short reason why is that it hurts the Planet!
In Sydney we lived on the train station and everything was at our finger tips.

On the Central Coast however it's not all at our fingers tips.

We have a bus stop at the top of our street and one way down the bottom so they are our main public transport options. Only thing is the buses don't run as regularly as Sydney buses and you can wait up to an hour if you miss yours. On Sundays there are only 4 buses all day... shocking again!!

Now I get around quicker than pushing the pram and exercise at the same time!!

I am so happy I will be going for another ride today. It is the best way to think, breath and feel motivated. It's a great family activity for us all as well.

That's what is happening in my creative space... how about you?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I think it is time for a give away don't you...

MooBear HQ has been buzzing with activity recently.
We have had a major Spring clean in the studio which has done wonders for both Carlos and my own creativity. Never underestimate the power of a clean studio.

The best part was that Carlos and I did it together.
We do everything together.
I really didn't want to clean the studio but after the vacuum over heated Carlos got down on his hands and knees and picked up all my teeny tiny bits of cotton and material off the carpet... I realised just how awesome my husband is once more. He was obviously on a mission and I was fully onboard after that.

So I am happy and thought you know what?! It's time for an Over It! giveaway.

*cue applause*

I have just listed my new Gina Purses on my madeit store Over It!
(named after the open and honest eco worrier Cluterpunk)

Each Gina is made from recycled denim, doilies, buttons and scrap material. So everyone is unique and different.

They are the perfect size to hold your keys, phone, lip balm, coin purse etc in your hands.

There is no negative impact on the environment... Big thumbs up there!!

So how do you win one of these lovely Gina Purses worth $30?

Just leave me a comment on this post and Team MooBear will choose a winner the old fashion way using pen, paper and a hat.
Of course if you visit my shop and have a look around that would be nice too. If you are on facebook and want to tell your friends by all means go right ahead. Twitter it, blog it, make a poster and wear it down the street... actually if you do that and show me a photo I will send you a Gina Purse just for doing it!!

I want to make it even for everyone so it's only one entry per person.

Knowing me I will probably add more to the giveaway.

Entries closes next Wednesday at 8pm AEST.
Open world wide.