Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To Market...To Market...

The Handmade Craft Markets were overwhelming to say the least. There were people lining up to get in the doors, cars trying to find a parking spot and prams galore filling out the aisles.

The feedback from customers was that they were unaware that the Central Coast had so many handmade products to offer right on their front door step!!

With over 50 stands, food, music and things to keep the kids entertained it was an incredible day for both visitors and stall holders...
I personally had several people from the community who knew my business and myself but I hadn't met them. It was such a random thing to have people jump in front of my stand and yell "Steph...??!!" over and over again! I now know who these people are and love that they made an effort to come say hi to little me.

Two people in particular were Simone from Kidz on the Coast who featured MooBear in their current issue. The other was Tracey from Point Clare Spring Fair commitee. Carlos and I donated our time to design the logo and posters for the event which you can check out on their blog.

Denim bibs, Clutches, Gina purses, Taggy toys...

Recycled frames were covered in denim to display the Zip It Brooches and Headbands.

Price tags were made using recycled board packaging (beer holders I believe) off cuts of green card from our business cards and paper.

MooBear now has it's own display area beside the over flowing Over It! Products... hehe

Tracey showing customers how the Zip It Pocket Pal works...Thanks Tracey.

Rebekah from Purely Natural Living was to my right.

Helen from The Wacky Wardrobe was diagonally across from me. She was also my ride into Erina.... Thanks Helen.

Shannon and Tracey from Just Like Katie was behind me... Hi Girls!!

Teangi from Teangi's Metal Sculptures was in front of me and she also ordered a custom made coin pouch for the day!! Do you like it?

Jasmine and Heidi from JazzyLee Kidz Biz were to my left!!

We can not wait to do it all again on November 21st!!


  1. Hurray!!! I couldn't wait to hear how the markets went, so glad you had fun and that it went well. The layout looks perfect, you did such an awesome job!!!
    You know this post took 10mins for me to download (stoopid download limit!!) I should be back up and running on Thursday....just wait till I can view blogs and photos oh and upload my stuff too. Driving me nuts!
    Miss you so much :*(

  2. Your stall looks beautiful. I felt the need to jump into the picture and search for the perfect treasure.
    Congratulations on your brilliance!!
    Ally <'v'>

  3. Congratulations your stall looks awesome!x

  4. looks great steph, nice and colourful :D

  5. WoW! It just blows me away when I see all of your creations like this! You should be thouroughly impressed with ALL you accomplish...on top of raising THREE beautiful children!! So proud of you!! xo

  6. Fabulous! Well done and your funky wares look great at the market! Soo great to have a handmade market in the area!

  7. These markets look so fun! Love a good market. Hope sales went well!