Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Op shopping, Glue Gun and Tiny Buttons Equals...

A new pair of shoes for Bubble.

White canvas shoes new in box from St Vinnies $5.
Tiny buttons from my button jar.
New warm glue gun $10.95.

I stress warm here as Bear ended up with blister on his fingers after he didn't listen to my words. So I haven't used a glue gun until now.

Strike a pose! How cute is she?

They match her new treasure shop spotty hoodie.
Dory on the other hand doesn't seem as impressed.

I am happy to announce that after a week of wear and tear all buttons are still in place!!


  1. My fave pair of shoes are my button sandles. Nice work and extra points for all the buttons still being there a week later

  2. LOVE IT!! Leave it to you to take something sooo simple and make it TOTALLY unique and AWESOME!!! She is getting sooo big!! xo

  3. Very cute! Good to know the glue holds up. (I suppose if buttons starting popping off, you could always stitch them on...)

  4. Very cute idea - got to love buttons and a glue gun.

  5. That is such a fab idea!
    I had a job decorating 1500 pairs of white runners once.
    Now why didn't i think of the buttons? X

  6. aww, lovely use for the buttons! if only the shoes stayed as white as the buttons did stay in place huh?

  7. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo I love these.