Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Creative Space... Market Time!!

It's been a while since I have played along with My Creative Space over at kootoyoo.

So today I am working on the last lot of Gina Purses for the Handmade Craft Market on Sunday at Erina High School on the Central Coast.

The response to my Over It! label on my facebook page has been a little crazy with lots of custom orders... I am not complaining though I love it and people are happy for me to be as creative as I like.

Denim and Doilies equals Gina Purses.

Some of the lining using recycled, reclaimed and scrap material.

Look who also arrived in the mail yesterday...

Hien from With Luv Clemintine had a giveaway a while back and choose a heap of people to send her new mouse creations to. He is yet to be named but he is in for love, fun and happy times!!

That's Team MooBear to a tea!!

Well that's enough from me today. I just wanted to stick my head back into blog land and say hi. Pop over to Kootoyoo and see who else is playing along today.


  1. what a fantastic line-up you have there, have a great market!

  2. Hope the market's a huge success.

  3. I wish you a great market!!They all look fabuloso!!:)x

  4. I love those Gina purses.
    Denim and doilies are just gorgeous together.
    Love the newest member of the family too.
    Hope the market is brilliant.

  5. Ohh that looks like a familiar face! ;)
    So glad you enjoy the new softie, can't wait to hear the name you will choose for it!

    P.S. Good luck with the market!

  6. Your little Gina Purses look FABBO!!! I was lucky enough to receive a little mousy in the post too!! They are gorgeous and mine is already getting much love.