Friday, August 6, 2010

MooBear On The Coast...

Oh where does the time go?

I have had 3 children home sick one after the other so blog land has been without me. I have also been madly using what little time I have to make more Over It! products and a little bit of socialising on the side.

I was also umming and arhing about what to do for my label. You know something woven or printed with Over It! on it for all my products.

You know what I decided on? Hand stamping the words using the blocks from my logo (which you can see to the top right of the blog) you can pop over here to have a quick look at the final out come. I am pretty excited personally.

On to more news. Team MooBear were at the doctors a few months ago and there was a copy of Kidz On The Coast next to me on the table. Carlos nudged me to take one but it was the last one and I am a little weird about taking the last one but I did. It was such a great read that I contacted the ladies behind the mag.

This is the newest issue.

I am looking forward to reading the 'so you want a dog' article.

Oh and look who they featured on page 25.

Plus they also did a story on Rachelle, organiser of the newest Handmade Craft Market to hit the Central Coast. MooBear and Over It! will be there too.

If you aren't on the Coast guess what? You can still read the magazine by heading over to their web site and viewing in online.
How good is that!?

It's so great to be part of such a supportive community. Businesses helping one another, advice being shared and friendships being formed.

I think I am really liking the Central Coast! Thanks for having us here!!


  1. Great post Steph and since you are talking about being such a supportive community up here, I want to give you and Carlos a big thank you for designing the logo for the Point Clare Public School Spring Fair.

    You guys rock.

  2. excellent! popping over to see what you did for your labels