Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Happy 101...

I have been tagged by the wonderful Sophie to join in a meme (why is it called that?)

It's pretty easy too... just list 10 things which make me happy!

Aside from the usual my children, my husband, my friends which make me happy on a daily basis. I am going to list what really makes ME happy.

Sophie put a picture of her shoes on her blog so I am putting one too...

1. My converse shoes... 2 high tops in particular!!
2. My Fair Trade coffee in the morning or sometimes in the afternoon.
3. Breastfeeding Bubble makes me giddy happy!!
4. Gazing into the blue sky wondering about the possibilities that lie beyond...
5. Feeling the warm sun on my back as I hang out the washing.
6. Getting a blog comment or email from Lauranie always puts a smile on my face.
7. Chocolate.
8. Scrap material... Oh how I love bags of scraps.
9. Buying handmade, ethically made, enviro friendly, chemical free, organic, op shopping.... did I forget something? I want to have as little impact on the planet as I possibly can.
10. Ummm... Rolling over into the warm spot in the bed when Carlos gets up...hehe

Ok lets see what else makes my friends happy...


  1. Chocolate definitely makes me happy too!

  2. you are too cool for school Ms Moobear!
    happy Sunday ♥

  3. I love your list Steph!! I roll onto Andrew's spot too!

  4. How so totally sweet of you to include me in your HAPPY list...and me being the missing in action friend!! Sorry girl...I am honored by your thoughtfulness and will get ON IT!!! love you!! xo