Friday, August 13, 2010

Bizness Babes...

On Wednesday Bubble and I caught up with Aunty Chrissy from Bizness Babes for a chat, cuddle and coffee.

We chatted about this and that. I always feel inspired after touching base and refuelling my business ideas. Chrissy has so much energy and she was the perfect person to make me feel alive and ready to do the big things I have swirling around in my head.

Thank You Chrissy Girl for all the love and support you have given me since our very first email back on 10th July 2008... yes I still have our emails!!

I also took along my new bag... but it's not just any bag.

All the profits from this lovely bag go back to helping Bizness Babes realise their business dream. They are only available through your local 'The Body Shop' so call past and have a look!!

But that's not all... check this out!!

Ethically made and enviro friendly too!!
Just like MooBear so of course I have my very own...

If you are a Mum or know a Mum with a business idea you should check out the Bizness Babes web site. You can also call past their blog for great tips, interviews (mine is here...) and resources which I guarantee you will find useful!

No matter what I need to take a photo of there is always a Moo, Bear or Bubble close by!!


  1. I will definitely take a look in at Bizness Babes. I have great ideas, but have always floundered with the concept of business (I think it scares me a bit).

  2. chat cuddles and coffee sounds perfect!

  3. As a fellow Biz babe (in Melb) I totally agree!!
    Awesome bunch of girls, great concept, so supportive - in fact just fabulous all round.

  4. Great tip - thanks for passing it on - I know one mama who'll be very interested!