Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Ultimate Custom Made Purse...

Today is a glorious day!!

1. I am back in blog land now that the school holidays are finished. There was far to much going on with friends and family coming and going that I figured I deserved a holiday too.

2. I have something so special to show you that you might like to grab a tea/coffee/hot chocolate/camomile maybe even a glass of wine if you happen to be reading this where it is evening time.

Remember back in August last year I put a call out for a new purse? Well Ally answered my cry for help in September shortly after. We got to talking and in the end I designed my own to see if she could rise to the challenge of my truly one of a kind Ultimate Custom Made Purse.

She achieved something beyond my own imagination and understood my need for all the little fiddly bits and then some!! Her one off creations is made from all recycled materials, means neck ties, zippers and buttons.

I would like to introduce you to My UCMP.

She was left as a surprise at Ally's Great Knit In which I attended last Monday. I spotted it sitting on her book shelf and mentioned how nice it was. Then it all come together. I was jumping around like a kid in a lolly shop. It was MINE!!

This is the sketch I drew late one night. Ally added everything I requested... and it also fits Liquorice YAY.

I supplied Ally with two crazy mens ties to incorporate into the purse. The rest was left in her magical hands. Check out the light sabar loop!!

Then like opening a birthday present I was filled with anticipation of what was inside for the lining and the pockets.

SPOTS with randomly placed buttons... Random and I just go together!!

There are 3 big separated sections along with areas to keep my
eye liner
shirbit sticks
crochet hooks
or what have you in easy reach.
A spot for my
There is also a hidden compartment hehe.

The strap is made of one long black zipper and is completely detachable.

There is a rosette which I can remove and add to my
shoe... yep shoe!!

Ally has captured everything which screams STEPH!!
Everything is easy to access with no fiddling and fussing with 3 kids in toe. My change for train and buses sits on the outside so I don't have to rummage for it in my purse.

Pop past Ally's blog to see what she has shared from her side of the UCMP process.


  1. I'm glad you like it. Enjoy!!
    Ally <'v'>

  2. This is awesome!!!I am amazed on how practical it will be and how everything was recycled!Great team job ladies!x

  3. Bloody brilliantly MooBearishly fantabulous. I love it on your behalf. :)

  4. OMGosh...SOOOOO STEPH!!! It is the most perfect bag for you...love it!!

  5. Wow that is the coolest purse ever!!!!

  6. OMG how clever, and detailed too!

  7. I think this is absolutely brilliant of you to make a fun and unique bag like this. Awesome!

    Adin B