Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Creative Space...The Studio

It's been a while since I have shown you our studio. The last time was probably when we moved in back in Janurary and the progress report here and here.

I had to take some pictures for "an opportunity" and thought it's the perfect time to show you as well.

What can you see?
Centre stage is my work space. To the left are our chosen mode of transport. Far left is Carlos studio space and far left if the entertainment centre with Xbox and Flat screen TV... So spoilt!! Bottom left is kids play area with toys.

A view from the entertainment centre of Carlos studio.
I forgot to clean under my desk!! Can you tell?! HAHA

Now that our studio space is tidy I can get back to creating again!!

Pop over to my last post to read my interview with Peppermint Magazine.

For more creative spaces you should check out kootoyoo.


  1. very cool space Steph and I have that suitcase aswell!!!
    read the interview, well done & very cute pic!
    happy creating ♥

  2. I love being invited into other people's workspaces (such a stickybeak!) I'm so jealous you have a whole room for leisure pursuits!

  3. awesome space! i wish i had a whole room just to be creative...

  4. How great to have such a big room that all the family can play, create and relax in.

  5. Ooh, I love seeing people's creating spaces!

  6. Hi there! I read your interview in Peppermint last night - excellent! I didn't realisr that you sell at Camberwell market - every week? I thought you were on the NSW central coast (about us)! Great studio too -always good to have a bar in the workplace ;o) Nic

  7. What an interesting space : ) Great mix of passions and interest! I have just awarded you a wee award (after a long delay)- pop over to my blog to see:) All the best Keryn xx

  8. Nice to see some pics of your creative hive :)x