Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Introducing The Gina Purse Range...

You might remember back in June I came up with a new purse design for my shop. Back then it didn't have a name but after much consideration and deliberation I can finally announce the new designs name.

(if you hadn't guess already going by my blog

The Gina Purse.

Named after the ever supportive and fellow upcycler Gina from clutterpunk.
She inspires me to be me, to try new things, to sew through the fear of the unknown sewing experiment and that friendship comes in many many forms!

Gina originally got me hooked on hexagons and it was a hexagon flower that was hand sewn onto the first design which now lives in the clutterpunk house.

Since the then I have branched out and experimented with a stash of doilies which belonged to my Grandmother, left over zipper ends and more hexagons.

These Gina Purses will be joining me at the Handmade Market in August. The first one to hit the Central Coast... Woohoo.

This is a great example of my love for all things junk lovin!! I would never have guessed growing up as a kid that I would be cutting up my mums doilies to make up cycled purses.

How about you?
Have you refashioned anything you remember growing up with?

You can share it with us over on Em's blog we adore all things recycled, refashioned, road side rescued... you name it we want to hear about it!!


  1. Oooh, I love the one with the zipper ends, very cool!

  2. wow, how cool is that!! yay for the Gina purse & yay you for making these wonderful creations.
    that's some great junk lovin!

  3. Gorgeous, I love the doily ones.

  4. they are really pretty! well done

  5. I'm loving the scrappy zipper ends too. What a cool idea!

  6. Love the doily denim combo very nice!

  7. I like the white one (last pic) are you listing them on madeit?

  8. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!
    Love that zipper ends purse, and the doily denim numbers!
    Well done you designing diva!
    Ally <'v'>

  9. gorgeous, i especially like the doily ones - i'm a doily girl at heart

  10. Your Gina Purse has inspired my upcycled clutch bag. Thank you!

  11. Finally getting back here to comment (I've been a bit offline this week!). Loving my Gina purse... even if it's name is a bit weird :) The doily ones are indeed AWESOME (even for a hex-obsessed girl).

  12. Adore your new purses Steph! Especially the hexagonals... feeling a bit of a trend there. x