Sunday, July 4, 2010

Guess What I Finally Learned?

How to crochet!!!
*round of applause please*

This is my famous GRANIRCLE...
Not quite a Granny Square and not quite a Circle

Thanks to the help of Jazzy last week and some late night You Tube I figured out the general principles of crochet. Now I just have to meet up with Jazzy again and learn the crochet terms and such and I'll be cheering!!

The Granircle became a beanie for Bubbles tiny doll...

Rebekah also passed on some of her Grandmothers scarves.
I am hoping to use them for an Over It! project.

The red and blue ones look perfect for a Summer skirt too!!


  1. Can you hear me clapping all the way from Melbourne???

  2. Love the crochet Steph!! We are just a bit freaky always doing the same things. I can't recommend any projects but am sure someone else will. xx

  3. wow you go girl, Im impressed! I have no idea how you get that cotton to stick together, it always amazes me when I see crochet!

  4. Love it Steph, I would love to live closer we could catch up for coffee and crochet too :)
    I really look forward to seeing what you do next :)