Thursday, July 29, 2010

Seeing Red...

Thought I would share this gorgeous custom order I did last week using recycled denim, off cut materials and rescued buttons.

I even made a brooch with the circular cut outs.

I'll be making more for the market next month too.
If you are a 'facebooker' you can meet the stall holders on their fan page.
MooBear and Over It! are amongst them.

I have also been having some fun with red zippers!!

One headband...

...And one brooch.
I really need to stop creating and add them to my

If you after more Junk Loving pop over to Em's blog and join in the fun!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Knitting For Charity..

This morning Moo and I walked up to Spotlight to join in the Knitting Party. We were the youngest girls to help out and drew a bit of a crowd!!

We chatted about crazy beanie designs with our fellow fellow knitters.

We laughed about the tea cosie phenomenon sweeping through the Central Coast.

I bugged Moo while she tried to concentrate... Do you like her headband? It's a GemmaJoy original.

In the end we knitted a square between us which was made with love and happy thoughts. This square will be added to others to make someone we will never meet happy and warm.

Something which we helped to create from our hearts!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Introducing The Gina Purse Range...

You might remember back in June I came up with a new purse design for my shop. Back then it didn't have a name but after much consideration and deliberation I can finally announce the new designs name.

(if you hadn't guess already going by my blog

The Gina Purse.

Named after the ever supportive and fellow upcycler Gina from clutterpunk.
She inspires me to be me, to try new things, to sew through the fear of the unknown sewing experiment and that friendship comes in many many forms!

Gina originally got me hooked on hexagons and it was a hexagon flower that was hand sewn onto the first design which now lives in the clutterpunk house.

Since the then I have branched out and experimented with a stash of doilies which belonged to my Grandmother, left over zipper ends and more hexagons.

These Gina Purses will be joining me at the Handmade Market in August. The first one to hit the Central Coast... Woohoo.

This is a great example of my love for all things junk lovin!! I would never have guessed growing up as a kid that I would be cutting up my mums doilies to make up cycled purses.

How about you?
Have you refashioned anything you remember growing up with?

You can share it with us over on Em's blog we adore all things recycled, refashioned, road side rescued... you name it we want to hear about it!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Ultimate Custom Made Purse...

Today is a glorious day!!

1. I am back in blog land now that the school holidays are finished. There was far to much going on with friends and family coming and going that I figured I deserved a holiday too.

2. I have something so special to show you that you might like to grab a tea/coffee/hot chocolate/camomile maybe even a glass of wine if you happen to be reading this where it is evening time.

Remember back in August last year I put a call out for a new purse? Well Ally answered my cry for help in September shortly after. We got to talking and in the end I designed my own to see if she could rise to the challenge of my truly one of a kind Ultimate Custom Made Purse.

She achieved something beyond my own imagination and understood my need for all the little fiddly bits and then some!! Her one off creations is made from all recycled materials, means neck ties, zippers and buttons.

I would like to introduce you to My UCMP.

She was left as a surprise at Ally's Great Knit In which I attended last Monday. I spotted it sitting on her book shelf and mentioned how nice it was. Then it all come together. I was jumping around like a kid in a lolly shop. It was MINE!!

This is the sketch I drew late one night. Ally added everything I requested... and it also fits Liquorice YAY.

I supplied Ally with two crazy mens ties to incorporate into the purse. The rest was left in her magical hands. Check out the light sabar loop!!

Then like opening a birthday present I was filled with anticipation of what was inside for the lining and the pockets.

SPOTS with randomly placed buttons... Random and I just go together!!

There are 3 big separated sections along with areas to keep my
eye liner
shirbit sticks
crochet hooks
or what have you in easy reach.
A spot for my
There is also a hidden compartment hehe.

The strap is made of one long black zipper and is completely detachable.

There is a rosette which I can remove and add to my
shoe... yep shoe!!

Ally has captured everything which screams STEPH!!
Everything is easy to access with no fiddling and fussing with 3 kids in toe. My change for train and buses sits on the outside so I don't have to rummage for it in my purse.

Pop past Ally's blog to see what she has shared from her side of the UCMP process.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Creative Space...The Studio

It's been a while since I have shown you our studio. The last time was probably when we moved in back in Janurary and the progress report here and here.

I had to take some pictures for "an opportunity" and thought it's the perfect time to show you as well.

What can you see?
Centre stage is my work space. To the left are our chosen mode of transport. Far left is Carlos studio space and far left if the entertainment centre with Xbox and Flat screen TV... So spoilt!! Bottom left is kids play area with toys.

A view from the entertainment centre of Carlos studio.
I forgot to clean under my desk!! Can you tell?! HAHA

Now that our studio space is tidy I can get back to creating again!!

Pop over to my last post to read my interview with Peppermint Magazine.

For more creative spaces you should check out kootoyoo.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Peppermint Magazine Interview...

Picked up my copy of Peppermint earlier this week with screams of delight.
I was given a fantastic opportunity to be interviewed by the team at Peppermint for the Mama Musings section of Teenie Greenie.

(You might remember one of our MooBear Baby Body Suits was featured in the last issue as part of the Teenie Greenie section).

Now sometimes things don't quite go to plan and unfortunately get a little mixed up, left out or just plain over looked. Which unfortunately has happened in this case.

If you would like to see the complete interview I have included it below.

The Peppermint Team have apologised until they were blue in the face at the over sight. So although the interview isn't all my own it is still exciting to see Moo and Bear in their designs as part of the Peppermint issue.

Hopefully you'll see more of MooBear in Peppermint in the future.

1.Can you tell us a little about MooBear Designs and how it all got started?
MooBear Designs is just that. Designs drawn by Moo and inspired by Bear: my two oldest children. The idea was stitched together while I was on maternity leave expecting Bear. Moo and I spent a lot of time together just being creative and trying new things. One of our favourite activities was craft and from this we stumbled upon the concept of recycling fabrics to turn her drawings into one off T-shirt designs. People just loved the originality and our family philosophy of being Earth friendly. Word of mouth is a powerful thing!! We now offer a range of eco-friendly, organic and ethically made garments. We are proud to offer the world kids clothing with a conscience.
2.You've recently celebrated your first year since officially launching, what were the low points (if any!) and highlights?
We’ve had a great first year. One of the highlights to date would have to be Moo’s Earth design being used in the Project Lantern kit for Earth Hour in 2009. The campaign went global so imagine how excited we were to see the final photos. We still get the warm fuzzies just thinking about it. We also joined forces with the sustainability experts at Enviro Central to help build their own brand of kids enviro t-shirts. We love what they do and it’s great to be able to support each other’s work.
Our low point was launching an independent T-shirt label in winter. We could have picked a warmer season I think. Lucky we sell world wide so it had to be Summer somewhere right?!
3.I know you can balance a racquet on one finger, as a mum of three, how do you balance business and family?
I have a secret, magic potion which I sprinkle under my pillow at night… hehe. I am lucky that Carlos is my business partner and also works from home so we have to be able to juggle both business and kids together as well as each other. I find communication is extremely important. I'll tell him what I would like to achieve during my day first thing in the morning and vice versa. Then we take it from there and prioritise. Quite often we don't get everything ticked off the list but we get pretty close. When Moo, Bear and Bubble are running around in the back yard asking us to come and play in the afternoon sometimes you just have to say "This is why I am working from home", get out there, have some fun and remember to switch off.
4.A little birdy told me you've got a new project in the works .. something to do with accessories?
I have! I have. MooBear used to be my hobby and now it's my business so I found a new hobby and called it Over It! which follows the same ethical philosophy as MooBear. I find so many items in op shops like zippers, buttons, ribbons as well as MooBear scraps that I have to rescue them and give them a new life. I am lucky Carlos enables me to rescue so many refashionable items. I'll be selling Over It! through my new madeit store. The best part about Over It! is each item has been tried and tested by my family (for whom the pieces were originally made) and then all my friends who continue to support everything I do in my crazy crafty life.
5.What are your future goals?
To leave a clean mark on the Earth by recreating everyday items which we see and use in a whole new way and to continue to expand our range and introduce new MooBear garments. The possibilities are endless when you run your own company. Secretly I would love to start a Fairtrade coffee label sshh but don't tell Carlos. He thinks I drink too much coffee as it is!!
6.Where can readers buy MooBear Designs?
Our online store is where you can learn more about us and purchase our designs.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Guess What I Finally Learned?

How to crochet!!!
*round of applause please*

This is my famous GRANIRCLE...
Not quite a Granny Square and not quite a Circle

Thanks to the help of Jazzy last week and some late night You Tube I figured out the general principles of crochet. Now I just have to meet up with Jazzy again and learn the crochet terms and such and I'll be cheering!!

The Granircle became a beanie for Bubbles tiny doll...

Rebekah also passed on some of her Grandmothers scarves.
I am hoping to use them for an Over It! project.

The red and blue ones look perfect for a Summer skirt too!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

World T-shirt Tour...

{KID} independent are taking you on a 31 day tour of 31 indie designers who devote their time to making awesome kids T-shirts.

Starting of in Australia and calling past designers in Canada, UK and New Zealand just to name a few tour destinations.

There is even a Moobear T-shirt up for grabs along the way... So grab a couple of your friends and go Groupie wild, join in the fun and discover some new indie designs along the way!!


My Creative Space...My New Shoes

The best thing about having kids is that they love drawing... The MooBear Children love drawing even more on unexpected items.

So when I ask Bear and his friend Connor to customise my shoes they are super excited and jumped at the chance.

The buttons were Connor's idea. He started sewing one on then I finished the rest.

Connor's happy face and a small skull and cross bones to the right.

Bubble even got in on the action with a pink texta.
Moo suggested the hexagons... what an awesome idea!!

Remind you of Bear's Rar!

So now I have a one of a kind pair of shoes which Moo, Bear, Bubble and our friend Connor helped create.

My creative space is happening on my feet!!

Remember my new iPad sleeve Hannah made me?
Well she's giving 4 of them away over 4 weeks on her blog so pop over and enter for your chance to win one or maybe 4...

Where is your creative space happening?
Pop over to Kootoyoo for more creative inspiration.