Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Wacky Wardrobe...

I just have to share Bear's Dino Cape with you all.
It really is one of his favourite dress ups and has been for over a year now.

He has his dino outfit all sorted with green frog boots (hand-me-downs) black pants, Bear's Rar! and his Wacky Wardrobe Cape.

Complete with big yellow dino spikes!!
Now at this point you would think he was going to run around ROARing at his 2 sisters but nope...

He quietly walks down to the back bench in our yard to read his favourite story book all by himself...

It's the small and wonderful things that make my Bear happy!!

Helen is the creator of the children's dress up label The Wacky Wardrobe.
She is a fellow Bizness Babe and is now one of my closest friends.

Call past her new store on OZ Handmade and check out the other dress ups she has created to help kids kick start their own imaginations!!!


  1. thats funny! I scrolled down to see the pic of Bear sitting quietly reading... I expected some crazy boy thing like jumping out of a tree!

  2. I've been MISSING you girl!! I LOVE little boy is soooo Bear!! He is currently in LOVE with dinosaurs..we watch dinosaur dinosaur books..have dinosaur toys...everything is DINOSAURS!! I HAVE to make a cape like Bear's for him...I LOVE IT!!!!