Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Purely Natural Living...

When Rebekah from Purely Natural Living told me she had custom made me my very own hand cream I squealed for a few reasons.

1. Her products are made by her using chemical free ingredients.
2. They are made when you order so they don't sit around waiting on some shelf for goodness knows how long.
3. She understood my need for a product which didn't contain lavender.
4. I love all things handmade. This would be my first handmade body product.

My personal Nourishing Hand & Body Cream contains macadamia oil, watermelon oil and rose hip oil to name a few.

The smell is clean and fresh and so inviting. The texture smooth, firm and I only have to use a little as it goes a long way.

I have been using it for over a week and my hands feel like they have their 'youthful' skin back. I can even use a knife without feeling like I am going to crack the skin on my knuckles. Bear even comment on how nice my hands felt in his the other day. Now that's pretty neat if my 4year old noticed the difference when holding my hand.

Now Carlos' hands are naturally soft and smooth. Around this time of year his hands get really dry from the cold. His knuckles start to crack and bleed too.

In this photo you can see a cut on his ring finger. That is from his hands being so dry that the skin just splits. So he is also using my hand cream and the results are just dramatic.

I asked him what he thought of it being a guy and all and this it what he had to say.

"It feels really nice to apply and doesn't leave an oil residue. My hands absorb it nicely and it has a gender neutral scent so I don't mind sharing with Steph"

I think it's kind of nice to share my hand cream with my husband don't you?!

I also had the pleasure of trying some of her soap samples and light day cream both of which just feel nicer to use. More natural on my skin than the harsh soaps that are mass produced.

I honestly feel that handmade is better.
It's made with love which is something you just can't get from store bought, mass produced items.

You can find out more about Rebekah's products at her shop or facebook page. She is also giving away a $50 store voucher when she reaches 1000 fans so if you the facebook kinda person why not pop past and check it out.

This post is purely my own and Carlos' feelings towards the product.


  1. wow,, I'm convinced, I'll go over and have a look

  2. That's wonderful about the home made cream. sounds like it's a "winner". Thank you for sharing, my dear friend.
    Happy Quilting!