Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Creative Space...My New Shoes

The best thing about having kids is that they love drawing... The MooBear Children love drawing even more on unexpected items.

So when I ask Bear and his friend Connor to customise my shoes they are super excited and jumped at the chance.

The buttons were Connor's idea. He started sewing one on then I finished the rest.

Connor's happy face and a small skull and cross bones to the right.

Bubble even got in on the action with a pink texta.
Moo suggested the hexagons... what an awesome idea!!

Remind you of Bear's Rar!

So now I have a one of a kind pair of shoes which Moo, Bear, Bubble and our friend Connor helped create.

My creative space is happening on my feet!!

Remember my new iPad sleeve Hannah made me?
Well she's giving 4 of them away over 4 weeks on her blog so pop over and enter for your chance to win one or maybe 4...

Where is your creative space happening?
Pop over to Kootoyoo for more creative inspiration.


  1. How cool that you get to wear a little reminder of all your little people with every step you take!

  2. thats excellent! what great creative thinkers kids are

  3. What a great idea! Love the buttons and the hexagons, very cute. xx

  4. Cool idea, you will have to get some shoes for the kids and they can decorate their own shoes too!!

  5. I need to buy myself some white volleys and get my nephews to go for it! That's so cool.

  6. cool shoes. i'm predicting that celebs all over the place will be sporting them