Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Creative Space...Meet Liquorice.

Liquorice is something I rarely buy.

I usually buy chocolate so all the family can share it with me (I don't like sharing my chocolate but I need to show my children that sharing is caring).

No one in the MooBear family likes liquorice. Bear has tried really hard to like it but his facial expressions tell no lies...

Carlos seriously doesn't like it with a passion.
But he knows I really really like it so he bought me some Darrell Lea Liquorice, you know the soft kinda recently while we were out.

I could never buy it for myself because I would just feel bad for not choosing the chocolate to share.

That is why I have named my new iPad Liquorice.

She is something I could never buy for myself.
She is all mine and no one else's (under strict supervision I may share her).
I feel extremely spoilt.

So now I have something new to be creative with...
Hannah has also been creative making iPad sleeves using recycled materials. So deliciously soft and smooth... I love them!!

These are the ones she has been making in her creative space.

A little chicken... Hehe that's funny because hannah's blog is Chicken Willow.
So a little chicken told me she was going to make one just for Liquorice...
Hmmm Liquorice... I can't wait to slid her into her new sleeve at night.
Thanks Hannah...

This one here is so far my favourite.
You can check out her madeit store for more of her up cycled goodies!!

For more creative spaces head over to Kootoyoo home of all things creative.


  1. Thanks for the great plug Steph! Liquorice's home will so nice and cosy, just like a well worn ugg boot. xx

  2. Lucky you and I love the name :)..

  3. So cool! A friend of mine got an iPad recently to use with her portrait photo business, and it was definitely cool to use it to scan through our newly taken family photos. Enjoy!

  4. *Love* it...super cute holder with handmade charm and a revolutionary piece of technology - love the blend of the two : ) Lucky you... Enjoy all of them:) Tks for popping by to visit.

  5. thanks for sharin i love it!!

  6. aahhh gotta love licorice. i didn't until i lived in finland, now i love, especially their salty licorice. they have so many to choose from, half of their candy stores are just licorice.

  7. how cute is liquorice & you blowing it kisses.
    brilliant little chicken indeed.

  8. We are liquorice obsessed at our place. Most Fridays we buy a huge bag and by Saturday they are gone. LOVE the new toy and Hannah's sleeve. Happy padding.

  9. how lucky to have your very own ipad!! love the sleeves- genius! xo m.