Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Creative Space...Coffee? My Shout!!

I thought that today I would have my blog friends over for a virtual cup of coffee.

It's something I started way back when I would ask Nikki for blog help and advice. She was so generous with helping me that I owed her quite a few coffee's plus all the ones I want to just sit and have with her.

After that it was just funny to owe blog friends a coffee in general after comments go back and forth. And really who doesn't want to sit with a creative blog friend and chat about craft over coffee hey??!! Exactly.

This is Tiffany.
I rescued her from the treasure shop for $5 a while back and I do think it is time I made you a coffee too. Fair Trade coffee only in this house hope you don't mind.
Check out my post on my favourite coffee shop which started me on my fair trade journey.

This was Tiffany's first cup of coffee and I think we both understood each other. We were grateful that we had found each other and we were determined to make the best cup of coffee I had had in a while... no matter how long it took.

Frothing was something Tiffany has done before but I have never done it. She was so patient and understanding of my fear. She really wanted to make my first cup a special one. We made a bit of a mess together and we laughed.

This was the end result.
It looks very cafe quality. The froth held up perfectly under the chocolate dust. We gave ourselves 8 of 10 for presentation. Lets face it you can always improve on your first try together.

The aftermath.
We went through 4 mugs, 2 cups of milk, 2 table spoons of chocolate dust (I like chocolate dust) 3 spoons and 1 cup of water. In total the first cup of coffee took 20mins to make. I told Tiffany that I have waited longer than that for a coffee sometimes... not from my local cafe though.

The final test.
I can not believe how good our coffee tasted. It not only looked cafe quality but it tasted completely cafe quality. My heart was singing and Tiffany was extremely chuffed. I think she was worried I was going to send her back to the treasure shop if she didn't perform well.

So if you would like a creative chat over a wonderful virtual MooBear Cafe Coffee I would be happy for the company. We have our coffee making down to about 6mins now too... hehe.

I'll have Em's latte ready.
Shannon hasn't been well so I'll make her a hot chocolate.
Selina will come around with Em although I am not sure what she will be drinking.
Cam I would love you to stay if you have a spare 5min.
Ally I'll make yours a large.
Kirsty you must stay I insist!!
Gina bring some hexagons with you so we can have a little swap!!
Sophie bring your coffee chart!!
Isis... Tea?
Gemma... Lets talk felt and flowers.
Gretchen bring your newest project along with you!!
Hannah lets talk madeit.

If I keep listing people I wont be able to get the coffee ready. If you have stopped past my blog today be sure to leave a comment so I can make you a cuppa!!

Do you take milk and sugar?

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  1. Looks like I'm the first to arrive! I was just doing some housework (wash my mouth out) and I smelt the coffee brewing, hope you don't mind I've left my apron on! Today I have some painting planned so I'm bound to drink many many coffee's today, best add a teaspoon of vanilla for creativeness and half a sugar to sweeten me up!

  2. Mmmnn.. coffee... you've won me over instantly! I'm a big fan of slow food - I find if it is too quickly made and eaten I forget I've eaten it and go in search of something else! I definitely think the process of food preparation can be equally as satisfying as the consumption. Have a delicious day!

  3. Just on my weekly Creative Space hop, and smelled hot chocolate! (sorry not a coffee fan) Tiffany looks like a great mate to have in the kitchen!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. I'll need it after the plans I have for today. Flat white for me please Stephanie! Cheers, Hannah xx

  5. Mmmmm coffee. May I have 18 double espressos, so I can make the distance on reading all the Creative Spaces?

  6. Thanks so much for the virtual coffee steph! I need one today.I have a house full of sickies (sounds like a good band name) I am not sick though and would love a strong large one. Yes please!
    You know I would so much rather a real one with you but I guess I need to just take what's offering.
    One Friday morning, you should run away to Sydney, and join the collection of Mummies that work from home for a coffee. We would love to have you.
    But until you run away... thanks for the virtual enjoyment. Great idea.
    Oh and I hope your relationship with Tiffany stands the test of time and you don't tire of each other!
    Miss you lots Ally <'v'>

  7. Hey I would love a coffee !!! Love you clothes by the way.

  8. Oh wow what a rescue you did!Mocha on soy for me :) hehe

  9. Oops, I'm lately to the party, but I've made it finally! I definitely take cream and sugar, but can we make it decaf for tonight? I'm already bound to lie awake with insomnia after the nap I took today. :)

  10. that's one great find for $5!

    unfortunately i don't drink coffee - still feel like a child who didn't ever acquire the taste for that grown up drink. many a morning i have woken up wishing that i did drink coffee, but i do love a good froth on my hot chocolate..... ;)

  11. Oh Steph, this is the sweetest and most lovely space I've found in a while. How I love you and wish I could sit down to a real coffee with you! One day, one day. xxx

  12. mmmm I could do with a coffee now. I have presso. it's manual and I love love it. I warm my coffee in the mircowave.
    My fave place to buy coffee is Caddies!!

    Felt and flowers - I went to the book store today and had to resist the urge to buy craft books... I also went to the craft store and resisted buying more felt!

  13. LOL. My sister's name is Tiffany. She hates coffee so it's nice to find a Tiffany that likes it :o). Great post!

  14. At this time of night, I'll have a decaf cap please? Oh everyone's gone home? That's ok I'm sure there will be many more coffee mornings i'll pop in on.

  15. I'll have a very strong cappucino with 2 sugars thanks!

  16. yes, I looove coffee, it is one of my best friends too
    I'll have a flat white with skinny milk PLEASE
    Oh and a little on the strong side thanks steph

  17. I'm having a coffee while I read your invite 'cos I think I may have missed the party, but I love frothy coffee though I'm generally happy to take it any which way it comes so long as it tastes like coffee :-)xo

  18. Steph that coffee looks amazing! Fair trade in this house too... mine's a latte, fatso milk, no sugar :)

    I've been thinking about getting a coffee machine for a while now but just don't think that mine would be cafe quality... you've inspired me to give it a go!



  19. I am so jealous-Where do you find 5 dollar finds like that?

  20. you are just too I am SOOOO absent and you still think to include me!!! I MISS YOU TOO!! It has been so hot here lately that I have taken to putting my coffee in the blender with some vanilla ice cream and making coffee milkshakes...YUM!!! Yours looks mighty cafe tasty! Glad you had such a great turn out...makes me feel less schmuck-like!! HA!

  21. Yummo! I am there fo' shizz!!