Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Creative Space...A little too quiet.

While I was busy creating this week so were Bear and Bubble with their big sisters toys.

I walked into the spare room as things were far far too quite. Much to my surprise Bear and Bubble were playing beside each other.

Making all kinds a small animals noises... this is why I didn't race in straight away. I could something and thought I'll wait till I investigate further. The worst they could be doing was pulling all the books out of the book shelf...AGAIN.

There was some seriously tiny dog washing going on.

I couldn't resist so I stopped my creating to join in too... It was a great opportunity to show Bubble different animals as well as engaging in some pretend play.
Oh how I love pretend play.

So today we will be grooming some more dogs, feeding parrots, chasing some monkeys and maybe washing a turtle this time...

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  1. what a set up, Fletcher just spied this post and said 'wow what is that?!'

  2. Don't you just love it when kids play nicely together (happens vary rarely in our house!). Hope you have fun role playing today Steph.

  3. It's great to share creative play with your kids isn't it? I've just spent the morning building a cubby house for a toy kitten with my daughter!!
    Have fun today!

  4. These little animals are sooo popular in our... bath tub at the moment too :)I think they never stop playing with them!Have fun!x

  5. How gorgeous! Sounds like a lovely game.

  6. How sweet when two little ones play happily together like that. Enjoy your little ones.:)

  7. so sweet, both the little ones playing together and the LPS toys (my miss 11's very favourite toys)