Saturday, June 26, 2010

Liquorice Has A New Cosy Place To Sleep...

After introducing you to Liquorice last week and the Chicken Willow iPad Sleeves she has in her madeit store (she has added more since and they are toasty warm) I was lucky enough to receive my very own custom order iPad Sleeve.

I will be heading to Sydney soon and Liquorice will of course come along for the ride. She will be safe and secure in her sleeve made from recycled denim and scrap purple fabrics. It is lined with polar fleece as well.

I will show her to anyone and everyone while I am there because I am so proud of Hannah's work.

Hannah you spoil me far too much... check out what she made me for our first swap when we first were introduced to each other.

ps. I am a little quiet in blog land because Carlos is studying using the lap top and I can't blog from Liquorice yet. It also means I am finding more things to create and make and spending time with my 3 children is always a priority...


  1. Thanks Steph, Liquorice is looking good! Glad you like it. xx

  2. definitely very stylish there Steph!