Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Junk Lovin... Pyjama's

Today is a reverse Junk Love edition!!

Melanie from Billycart Markets has done a big shout out to her friends asking for donations of preloved, new or handmade pyjama's and blankets for children less fortunate than our own.

She will be handing them over to her local church to hand out to families who have nothing during winter. It's great to see a community come together to help out families they will never meet or know that they have helped.

If you can help out before the end of June with a pair of kids PJ's in size 0-12 years or blankets leave me a comment with your email and I'll pass you Melanie's details.

I happened to know where I had a stash of kids pyjama's which were going to be used for a quilting project. But lets face it I have far too much on my plate as it is and these would be far better off going to 4 little girls who need a pair of Winter PJ's!!!

On the topic of PJ's I also made Bubble a new pair of comfy pants from Tina's off cuts. These have little crocodiles on them. I have some fabric left over and have to decide whether to make a matching top or Bear a pair of matching pants. It's a tough choice.

I also made Carlos his first ever handmade item for the year. I really do neglect him when it comes to making things for the family. I made him a replacement pair of PJ pants with white, little, teddy bears wearing little sleep hats surrounded with love hearts (using more of Tina's off cuts)... for his camo ones which thinned out and ripped at the hems.

Very warm and comfy and he totally loves them!! YAY... hehe.

What's at your Junk Lovin thins week?


  1. that reminds me, i promised a certain someone a pair of flanelette pjs too. some neglecting going on in this house too :/