Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Junk Lovin... New Bag.

After searching high and low for my bag to take to Sydney for breakfast I got to the point where I just thought 'I am wasting my time when I could just make one...'


I had some Red Seed Studio fabric in my stash. I have been wanting to use it for so long and now was the perfect time. I believe the piece I have used was an experimental piece. Which just makes it even more unique and quirky.

I lined it with fabric given to me by the girls at KissKiss HugHug.

I then added some buttons both handmade and recycled.
The top one is a brooch made from the fabric Em sent me a few months ago and also added a Denim Rose...

Now I have my perfect bag!! For more Junk Love check out Em's blog and join in the fun!!


  1. It's gorgeous! Beautiful colours, and is that sun in your photo??? Where did you find it?

  2. Oh yeah, you would never find a bag like that - so much better to make your own. I love the fabric and all the cute embellishments.

  3. Looks great:) Love the design on the front:)

  4. There's nothing better than slinging a brand new handmade bag over your shoulder for a day out. Yah Steph!

  5. Oh that a great bag! How are it all fall into place sometimes the right fabric, the right time !Well done!! love the Red seed studio too:)!

  6. looks like a great morning breakfast! lucky you

  7. Fabulous! The bag is totally you - unique, special and beautiful ; )