Saturday, June 12, 2010

Handmade Goodies Part 2...Dressed By Harry's Desk.

My children are very lucky to own a very unique and one of a kind Harry's Desk T-shirt each. They are all made using recycled men's ties, buttons and other random things Ally happens to come across!!

Bear received his shirt in March for his 4th Birthday. I think he has about 10 handmade shirts to choose from now.
How wonderful is that!!

Moo received her's for her 8th Birthday last year and it is still worn today!!

Bubble received her's for her 1st Birthday last year. I did take a photo of Bubble wearing hers recently but she was crying and it doesn't make for a good photo.

I also own 2 of her refashioned tie owl brooches.
The purple one lives on my brown suede jacket.
She has some of these guys friends available to buy...

Thank You Ally for all the wonderful handmade goodies you have made for my children and I. We love them with all our hearts!!

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  1. Pleasure Steph, and very sweet of you!
    I was left thinking ....poor Carlos!. I will have to think of a Carlos inspired harrysdesk wonder..... after I finish your custom purse of course.
    Ally <'v'>