Saturday, June 5, 2010

Don't Worry Bee Happy...

Sometimes I just can't help myself.
You know you all do it.
I love dress ups and it's even more fun playing with your kids and when they direct the play you never really know where you'll end up.
This is one of my funny moments.

I picked up the Bee outfit from the treasure shop for $5 and the tutu I made from scrap tule Tina sent from Melbourne. I was only able to make the tutu after meeting Shannon at a local craft market. You should check out her new madeit store Just Like Katie. She told me how and I set to work.


Bubble makes me laugh so much.
I do this thing where I dress her and say "Go show Daddy!" She races off to show him her new look and every time Carlos laughs uncontrollably at just how adorable his little girl is. I wont be able to do it much longer because she is so her own person and can say NO!!

Can you see the little antlers on top of her hat? Hehe

Remember this Sunny Mummy photo from my breakfast? It reminded me that I need to enjoy my children and dress up with them even more... Hehe.

So go on... find some material, make a cape and fly around the house saving some lives!! You know you want to!!


  1. OMG that costume and Bubble are too adorable, and look at the fun she's having!

  2. Lisa (Snugglebug)June 5, 2010 at 1:20 PM

    Toooooooo gorgeous!!!

  3. I love the addition of the tutu! Looks like such fun.

  4. OMG this is gold!!! She is the cutest bee I have ever seen!!!!!!! Love her so much!

  5. She is so adorable, what a gorgeous little outfit!!

  6. I love it, you are so clever & creative.

  7. sooooo stinkin' cute!!! My kids have already started using their ability to say NO!!! UGH!! Enjoy it girl!!

  8. How cute?! Oh my!! This really reminds me of the video for Blind Melon's song No Rain. Always makes me happy!

  9. Love Love Love this little outfit!
    Oh the cleverness of you!
    Ally <'v'>