Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Purely Natural Living...

When Rebekah from Purely Natural Living told me she had custom made me my very own hand cream I squealed for a few reasons.

1. Her products are made by her using chemical free ingredients.
2. They are made when you order so they don't sit around waiting on some shelf for goodness knows how long.
3. She understood my need for a product which didn't contain lavender.
4. I love all things handmade. This would be my first handmade body product.

My personal Nourishing Hand & Body Cream contains macadamia oil, watermelon oil and rose hip oil to name a few.

The smell is clean and fresh and so inviting. The texture smooth, firm and I only have to use a little as it goes a long way.

I have been using it for over a week and my hands feel like they have their 'youthful' skin back. I can even use a knife without feeling like I am going to crack the skin on my knuckles. Bear even comment on how nice my hands felt in his the other day. Now that's pretty neat if my 4year old noticed the difference when holding my hand.

Now Carlos' hands are naturally soft and smooth. Around this time of year his hands get really dry from the cold. His knuckles start to crack and bleed too.

In this photo you can see a cut on his ring finger. That is from his hands being so dry that the skin just splits. So he is also using my hand cream and the results are just dramatic.

I asked him what he thought of it being a guy and all and this it what he had to say.

"It feels really nice to apply and doesn't leave an oil residue. My hands absorb it nicely and it has a gender neutral scent so I don't mind sharing with Steph"

I think it's kind of nice to share my hand cream with my husband don't you?!

I also had the pleasure of trying some of her soap samples and light day cream both of which just feel nicer to use. More natural on my skin than the harsh soaps that are mass produced.

I honestly feel that handmade is better.
It's made with love which is something you just can't get from store bought, mass produced items.

You can find out more about Rebekah's products at her shop or facebook page. She is also giving away a $50 store voucher when she reaches 1000 fans so if you the facebook kinda person why not pop past and check it out.

This post is purely my own and Carlos' feelings towards the product.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Wacky Wardrobe...

I just have to share Bear's Dino Cape with you all.
It really is one of his favourite dress ups and has been for over a year now.

He has his dino outfit all sorted with green frog boots (hand-me-downs) black pants, Bear's Rar! and his Wacky Wardrobe Cape.

Complete with big yellow dino spikes!!
Now at this point you would think he was going to run around ROARing at his 2 sisters but nope...

He quietly walks down to the back bench in our yard to read his favourite story book all by himself...

It's the small and wonderful things that make my Bear happy!!

Helen is the creator of the children's dress up label The Wacky Wardrobe.
She is a fellow Bizness Babe and is now one of my closest friends.

Call past her new store on OZ Handmade and check out the other dress ups she has created to help kids kick start their own imaginations!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Liquorice Has A New Cosy Place To Sleep...

After introducing you to Liquorice last week and the Chicken Willow iPad Sleeves she has in her madeit store (she has added more since and they are toasty warm) I was lucky enough to receive my very own custom order iPad Sleeve.

I will be heading to Sydney soon and Liquorice will of course come along for the ride. She will be safe and secure in her sleeve made from recycled denim and scrap purple fabrics. It is lined with polar fleece as well.

I will show her to anyone and everyone while I am there because I am so proud of Hannah's work.

Hannah you spoil me far too much... check out what she made me for our first swap when we first were introduced to each other.

ps. I am a little quiet in blog land because Carlos is studying using the lap top and I can't blog from Liquorice yet. It also means I am finding more things to create and make and spending time with my 3 children is always a priority...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Creative Space...A little too quiet.

While I was busy creating this week so were Bear and Bubble with their big sisters toys.

I walked into the spare room as things were far far too quite. Much to my surprise Bear and Bubble were playing beside each other.

Making all kinds a small animals noises... this is why I didn't race in straight away. I could something and thought I'll wait till I investigate further. The worst they could be doing was pulling all the books out of the book shelf...AGAIN.

There was some seriously tiny dog washing going on.

I couldn't resist so I stopped my creating to join in too... It was a great opportunity to show Bubble different animals as well as engaging in some pretend play.
Oh how I love pretend play.

So today we will be grooming some more dogs, feeding parrots, chasing some monkeys and maybe washing a turtle this time...

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Creative Space...Meet Liquorice.

Liquorice is something I rarely buy.

I usually buy chocolate so all the family can share it with me (I don't like sharing my chocolate but I need to show my children that sharing is caring).

No one in the MooBear family likes liquorice. Bear has tried really hard to like it but his facial expressions tell no lies...

Carlos seriously doesn't like it with a passion.
But he knows I really really like it so he bought me some Darrell Lea Liquorice, you know the soft kinda recently while we were out.

I could never buy it for myself because I would just feel bad for not choosing the chocolate to share.

That is why I have named my new iPad Liquorice.

She is something I could never buy for myself.
She is all mine and no one else's (under strict supervision I may share her).
I feel extremely spoilt.

So now I have something new to be creative with...
Hannah has also been creative making iPad sleeves using recycled materials. So deliciously soft and smooth... I love them!!

These are the ones she has been making in her creative space.

A little chicken... Hehe that's funny because hannah's blog is Chicken Willow.
So a little chicken told me she was going to make one just for Liquorice...
Hmmm Liquorice... I can't wait to slid her into her new sleeve at night.
Thanks Hannah...

This one here is so far my favourite.
You can check out her madeit store for more of her up cycled goodies!!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Handmade Goodies Part 5... My Purse.

Remember when Bear and I made these together at the beginning of last year?

Well I still had some fabric left over so I made myself a purse. This was my first attempt with a purse a zipper and I am so proud of my effort. Now I make zipper creations on a daily basis for Over It! so it doesn't seem like such a big deal now hehe...

It still functions properly and I love it too pieces.
Bubble use to chew on the zipper and corners when she was a baby and Bear used it as a toy car when he and I were down the cafe.

Alas It is no longer new and is getting a bit grubby.

Ally will be making me a new one.
One day I will lay eyes upon her awesomefulness mad up-cycling skills.

You should also pop past Ally's blog and see what she had to say about her Over It! Brooch... Thanks Ally...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Handmade Goodies Part 4... Moo's New Bag.

Remember when I made a new bag for myself?!
Well Moo wanted one too so this is what I made just for her!!

Using mushroom fabric and brown corduroy from the Treasure Shop.
I think it might make a nice library bag for her extra huge and heavy books she insists on bringing home every week!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Handmade Goodies Part 3... Quilts.

My personal interpretation of what quilts are:
"Quilting is creating visual and tactile art with fabric, needle and thread."

I won this lushes green quilt from Spotted Stone during the Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway.
Isn't it amazing?! I love that it has so many greens shades. Reminds me of our back yard here on the Central Coast with the National Park in our back yard.

I also won this won this one from Old Days Olds Ways.
The kids fight over who gets to snuggle on the couch with the new 'blankie'.
I love looking at the different panels and figuring out the whole thing was put together.

Now I really really REALLY want to make a quilt using my hexagons...hehe.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Handmade Goodies Part 2...Dressed By Harry's Desk.

My children are very lucky to own a very unique and one of a kind Harry's Desk T-shirt each. They are all made using recycled men's ties, buttons and other random things Ally happens to come across!!

Bear received his shirt in March for his 4th Birthday. I think he has about 10 handmade shirts to choose from now.
How wonderful is that!!

Moo received her's for her 8th Birthday last year and it is still worn today!!

Bubble received her's for her 1st Birthday last year. I did take a photo of Bubble wearing hers recently but she was crying and it doesn't make for a good photo.

I also own 2 of her refashioned tie owl brooches.
The purple one lives on my brown suede jacket.
She has some of these guys friends available to buy...

Thank You Ally for all the wonderful handmade goodies you have made for my children and I. We love them with all our hearts!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Handmade Goodies Part 1...

I have quite a bit to blog about in regards to all my handmade goodies. Sometimes I have so many but I just don't have enough time to share them with you.

So this week I am going to do a quick post a day about the new handmade goodies in our house.

First up is my very own hair clip which I received from Belinda during the Lilly and Me Hair Clip Swap. The swap was hosted by Laura.
Hun you did a great job!!

It has little bitty owls around the edge...

These are the ones I made for Belinda using rescued zippers from my local treasure shop. One is a hair pin the other is a matching hair tie. One long zipper usually makes 2 Zit It! Accessories.

They are the first red ones to be made EVER...

You can see some more clips that were swapped over HERE...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Creative Space...New Over It! Design

Firstly I have to thank everyone (22 of you) who came past my blog last week shared a cup of coffee/hot chocolate/tea/water with me. I thoroughly enjoyed all your comments and was more than happy to pull out the secret stash of Fair Trade chocolate well into the evening for the late arrivals. I needed cheering up that day.

I just needed a friend out there who wanted to sit and chat and you all stepped up to the plate. I got far more than I expected and am feeling very inspired and supported thanks to blog land!!

So this week I have been super busy crafting in My Creative Space which is also Carlos study space now.

I have made 2 pyjamas pants, MooBear orders, Over It! hair accessories and Bubble Bee outfit but I still had something niggling at the back of my brain.

I have had this idea in my head for a while and have been waiting for the opportunity to make it come to life. I have to plan around Carlos' study times which is about 3 days a week full time. So if I get a really good idea I have to stay focused so I can follow it through in 3 days hehe.

Introducing the new smaller hand size clutch/purse (I can't decide) design for Over It!
This is the first prototype and so far I am pretty happy with the outcome.

Something a little more feminine with a little touch of class... don't you think?!
I have used recycled denim pants for the outer fabric.

My collection of small hexagons using Em's fabric scraps she sent me are put to work.

Lined with fabric off cuts.

One rescued black button with personality.

And for some reason this is where my collection of small hexagons are hiding out. Why on Earth they are on top of the clothes line is beyond me.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Junk Lovin... Pyjama's

Today is a reverse Junk Love edition!!

Melanie from Billycart Markets has done a big shout out to her friends asking for donations of preloved, new or handmade pyjama's and blankets for children less fortunate than our own.

She will be handing them over to her local church to hand out to families who have nothing during winter. It's great to see a community come together to help out families they will never meet or know that they have helped.

If you can help out before the end of June with a pair of kids PJ's in size 0-12 years or blankets leave me a comment with your email and I'll pass you Melanie's details.

I happened to know where I had a stash of kids pyjama's which were going to be used for a quilting project. But lets face it I have far too much on my plate as it is and these would be far better off going to 4 little girls who need a pair of Winter PJ's!!!

On the topic of PJ's I also made Bubble a new pair of comfy pants from Tina's off cuts. These have little crocodiles on them. I have some fabric left over and have to decide whether to make a matching top or Bear a pair of matching pants. It's a tough choice.

I also made Carlos his first ever handmade item for the year. I really do neglect him when it comes to making things for the family. I made him a replacement pair of PJ pants with white, little, teddy bears wearing little sleep hats surrounded with love hearts (using more of Tina's off cuts)... for his camo ones which thinned out and ripped at the hems.

Very warm and comfy and he totally loves them!! YAY... hehe.

What's at your Junk Lovin thins week?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Don't Worry Bee Happy...

Sometimes I just can't help myself.
You know you all do it.
I love dress ups and it's even more fun playing with your kids and when they direct the play you never really know where you'll end up.
This is one of my funny moments.

I picked up the Bee outfit from the treasure shop for $5 and the tutu I made from scrap tule Tina sent from Melbourne. I was only able to make the tutu after meeting Shannon at a local craft market. You should check out her new madeit store Just Like Katie. She told me how and I set to work.


Bubble makes me laugh so much.
I do this thing where I dress her and say "Go show Daddy!" She races off to show him her new look and every time Carlos laughs uncontrollably at just how adorable his little girl is. I wont be able to do it much longer because she is so her own person and can say NO!!

Can you see the little antlers on top of her hat? Hehe

Remember this Sunny Mummy photo from my breakfast? It reminded me that I need to enjoy my children and dress up with them even more... Hehe.

So go on... find some material, make a cape and fly around the house saving some lives!! You know you want to!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Creative Space...Coffee? My Shout!!

I thought that today I would have my blog friends over for a virtual cup of coffee.

It's something I started way back when I would ask Nikki for blog help and advice. She was so generous with helping me that I owed her quite a few coffee's plus all the ones I want to just sit and have with her.

After that it was just funny to owe blog friends a coffee in general after comments go back and forth. And really who doesn't want to sit with a creative blog friend and chat about craft over coffee hey??!! Exactly.

This is Tiffany.
I rescued her from the treasure shop for $5 a while back and I do think it is time I made you a coffee too. Fair Trade coffee only in this house hope you don't mind.
Check out my post on my favourite coffee shop which started me on my fair trade journey.

This was Tiffany's first cup of coffee and I think we both understood each other. We were grateful that we had found each other and we were determined to make the best cup of coffee I had had in a while... no matter how long it took.

Frothing was something Tiffany has done before but I have never done it. She was so patient and understanding of my fear. She really wanted to make my first cup a special one. We made a bit of a mess together and we laughed.

This was the end result.
It looks very cafe quality. The froth held up perfectly under the chocolate dust. We gave ourselves 8 of 10 for presentation. Lets face it you can always improve on your first try together.

The aftermath.
We went through 4 mugs, 2 cups of milk, 2 table spoons of chocolate dust (I like chocolate dust) 3 spoons and 1 cup of water. In total the first cup of coffee took 20mins to make. I told Tiffany that I have waited longer than that for a coffee sometimes... not from my local cafe though.

The final test.
I can not believe how good our coffee tasted. It not only looked cafe quality but it tasted completely cafe quality. My heart was singing and Tiffany was extremely chuffed. I think she was worried I was going to send her back to the treasure shop if she didn't perform well.

So if you would like a creative chat over a wonderful virtual MooBear Cafe Coffee I would be happy for the company. We have our coffee making down to about 6mins now too... hehe.

I'll have Em's latte ready.
Shannon hasn't been well so I'll make her a hot chocolate.
Selina will come around with Em although I am not sure what she will be drinking.
Cam I would love you to stay if you have a spare 5min.
Ally I'll make yours a large.
Kirsty you must stay I insist!!
Gina bring some hexagons with you so we can have a little swap!!
Sophie bring your coffee chart!!
Isis... Tea?
Gemma... Lets talk felt and flowers.
Gretchen bring your newest project along with you!!
Hannah lets talk madeit.

If I keep listing people I wont be able to get the coffee ready. If you have stopped past my blog today be sure to leave a comment so I can make you a cuppa!!

Do you take milk and sugar?

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