Sunday, May 16, 2010

Washing Day...

Lets talk about washing!!!

I haven't enjoyed doing the washing as much as I do in our new house. Let me share with you why that is.

This is our old place in Summer Hill. The photo is taken on our back step down the back of our house... In the 'backyard'

What makes for a bad washing experience??

- Washing had to be done every morning before the sun disappeared.
- The square line would hold one load.
- The two lines we put up would hold another load or the bedding.
- Not all the washing would be dry by the afternoon.
- No grass for kids to join me outside.

It was just horrible and would take so much organising if I wanted it dry by the afternoon. Heaven forbid I missed a load as it would build up and mean more work or having to use the dryer...

This is our new place on the Central Coast. The photo is taken on our back steps down the back of our house... In the 'backyard'

What makes for a wonderful washing experience?

- Doing 4 load in one day every 4 days.
- Having full sun all day everyday.
- Having grass for the kids to play and help me do the washing.
- Clothes dry by the afternoon.

I think never having a hills hoist and adequate drying space has made me appreciate washing day just that much more. It's not a chore so much. It's often a family activity as the kids all come outside and enjoy each other and their space.

Speaking of which I need to go take the washing off the line!!


  1. I just don't like doing the washing...I've tried to like it but it just seems like a waste of my time. I'm glad to see you like it though.

  2. woah, soo much better! ps. awesome tupperware score

  3. woah!! I should have brought mine with me. I know how you feel about the last house, thats us now.
    ssssoooooo happy for you Steph. love xoxoxoxo

  4. When I was little the best feeling in summer was to run through Mum's bed sheets on the clothesline, cool damp cotton on hot cheeks, aaah the Queensland Summertime......

  5. thanks for joining my giveaway :D good luck!

    i never like laundry day.. so i avoid having laundry day hehehe... but we know that's not possible :P lucky in malaysia the sun is always up and bright, only takes 2 hrs to dry clothes. :D


  6. I love the smell of bedding when I take it off from the line. Thank you for sharing. Happy Quilting!

  7. yep its amazing how much we take for granted!

  8. Nice Steph. Congrats on all fronts : ) Great new washing space : ) Tks for popping over to visit : )