Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sunny Mummy Buffet Of Life

I was so excited to be invited by my friend Lisa from Snugglebug to the Sunny Mummy Buffet Of Life Breakfast on Saturday morning.

I left Moo, Bear and Bubble with Carlos for the morning and prepared to have some fun and a well earned break from MooBear HQ.

So what does a Buffet Of Life Breakfast entail?
Why Breakfast of course!!

How spoilt were we?

We also had a choice of champagne, coffee, tea and juice.
There was also banana bread with ricotta and jam plus fruit skewers.

I got to catch up with my wonderful Bizness Babe girlfriend Leigh from Mum e Assistant. Leigh helped organise the day with Stacey the founder of Sunny Mummy!!

I had to get a photo of me and Rebekah from Purely Natural Living.

Did you know Rebekah makes her own products?! WOW... I have tried her hand cream and natural body soap and I must say they make the world of difference on my skin. Rebekah was also my ride to Sydney and back thanks to Leigh who put us in touch with each other. We'll be doing coffee sometime soon I hope!!

Stacey had a seat next to me so I knew I was at the cool table... Hehe.
But alas she was busy running around organising, delegating and making sure everything ran smoothly which by the way it did. I managed to catch her when she had a brief moment to take a photo. YAY!!

I am not sure if you can make out Stacey's dress but I was completely in love with it and working out ways to make one from scratch. I am thinking in purple... any ideas?
Loving her choice of eye wear too hehe...

We had a guest speaker Joanne Fedler author of the soon to be released book "When Hungry, Eat". Nourishing the mind body and soul are all important.

Allie from Allies Attic also taught us a thing or two about a well fitted bra.

There were so many prizes given away and that's on top of the HUGE goodie bags. I won a voucher for My Brood so I will be putting it to use.

Everyone of us is a Sunny Mummy, Aunty, Grandma, Step Mum... did I miss anyone?
You just have to let yourself shine and allow time for yourself. That's what the day was for me. I caught up with a heap of friends who love and support me. I also met new friends in the process.

You can stop by the Sunny Mummy Blog for a laugh, familiar story or support. I am sure you will find something that appeals to you!!

ps. Do you think I could find a bag to take with me? Not unless I wanted a Sesame Street character on it... So Friday night I quickly made myself the perfect bag to take along with me to Sydney. I'll show you tomorrow!!


  1. Steph, who is that crazy bird in the yellow sunnies????? Thanks for sharing the day and writing such a lovely post about it, including the fabbo photos! Stace x PS You were def at the cool table ;)

  2. How lovely. Looks like a gorgeous event, hope I can get to one some day

  3. What a great post Steph!! You got great pics too, captured lots of key moments and symbols. I was so bummed I forgot my camera. Oh well, there's always next time :-)