Monday, May 3, 2010

Peg Basket And Scrap Dress...

Yesterday Carlos took Bubble to the shops while Bear was asleep which meant I had some time for some seriously fast crafting (in between sewing new designs of course). I had called past Hannah's blog and seen this peg apron.

Bubble broke my peg basket and this was the perfect solution seeings as I do 4 loads in one day twice a week. That's a lot of bending and stretching.

Made from recycled jeans and trim I picked up from the op shop.

I love hanging out our washing in the sun shine.
I love our hills hoist.
I love that Bubble helps me with the pegs.
I love it when Bear and Bubble play peek a boo between the sheets.
I love that on a good day all the washing is dry in the afternoon.

My new peg basket will make my job easier!! Thanks Hannah for sharing your library finds and creations!!

Moo also pieced together a dress using all the scrap materials I have ready to donate.

I am not sure how she wants to sew it together... or if she intends on wearing it but she is one very proud young lady!!


  1. Stephanie it looks lovely!! Love the denim. The dress is interesting, I bet she's proud.

  2. Hey lady, I have just awarded you the circle of friends award on my blog today! Cheers