Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Creative Space...Zippers

Just a quick one today. I have finally put my mass collection of zippers to use and am once again addicted to making things with zippers. I even have massive ones to work with too.

Tomorrow Team MooBear is heading to Summer Hill where we use to live. We are having our first family photo shoot.
I can't wait to run around and have fun just being the crazy family we are.

David from David Henry Photography has a big job ahead of him with Moo, Bear and Bubble.

I whipped these up for Moo and I to wear just for the photo shoot too.

Feeling creative? Why not share it with us at Kootoyoo so we can all have squiz


  1. These are gorgeous!
    Maybe I will see you tomorrow.
    Ally <'v'>

  2. Who knew zippers could be so versatile? Very cool.

  3. so funny, I had just popped over from Wardrobe Refashion (because these zipper flowers are awesome) and then you must have popped over and said hi from Kootoyoo.

    I have plans of making a friend a zipper flower brooch for her birthday.

  4. Good luck with your photoshoot! Lovve those zipper flowers.

  5. oh i LOVE your zipper are ssoo cleva!

  6. Hope you post a few photos for us to check out! Love the zipper flowers Stephanie.

  7. They are so flippin cool, what a great way to use zips. You are so very clever.

  8. LOVING the zipper brooches, or are they hair clips?? Cute either way. Hope the photo shoot went well.

  9. Uh, yeah, that is a big bunch of zippers. Love the zipper flowers. Hope you had fun with the photo shoot