Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Creative Space...Over It!

The creative juices are well and truly flowing in our studio this week.

After I received my pin cushion from Hannah I have been intrigued by the idea of tiny little hexagons. Gina has also been making some and I just thought 'Right I need to give this a go'...

Now I am not sure what I will use (do people ever know?) them for but seeings as I have also launched Over It! they might just be used in some weird and wonderful way...

Speaking of Over It! do you like my new shop banner?

Carlos and I were working on a different design and it hit me. Show what Over It! simply is with crazy fonts and colours. I have added a few items which I have made as well as the little letter stamps I use to make my tags.
I am really happy with with my final banner design.

So today I made these Zip It Hair Ties. I will being adding them to my store soon along with some new headbands...

Don't forget as part of MooBear's Birthday celebration each MooBear order will receive an Over It! gift for free valued at $20. Details are our monstrous celebration are here.

I am off to check out more creative spaces...


  1. You really are a go-go, seize the day, full of beans kind of gal in real life - just as you are bloggily. Over It proves it.

  2. cool! Love the hexagons. Think I will have to try those sometime too.
    & the banner is terrific! Very nice & will now go look at over it!

  3. Great banner, great exagones and great hair ties!! Woo hoo :)x

  4. I looooove the zipper hair ties. Have a happy day! xo

  5. Those zip hair bands are really interesting. How cleaver!

  6. lots of stuff happening in your neck of the woods ... did you buy the hexagons or cut them out yourself?

    My Creative Space

  7. I love the hexagons! I find the paper piecing, especially the basting, really satisfying for some reason.