Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Creative Space...Family Photo's

In my creative space today there will be no crafting.


Because our family photo's are available. I am too busy enjoying every photo over and over again and you can all have a sneak peak too.

On our last trip to Sydney we had our family photo shoot with David from David Henry Photography. It was beautiful day, we spent time in our local park which the kids are all familiar with and managed to catch up with a friend or two while we were there.

Carlos and I have never had a professional photo shoot. Lets face it pixie photos just doesn't cut it for our crazy family of 5.
Moo, Bear and Bubble were themselves and nothing was forced.

We dressed as we do everyday.

There is no photo we don't like...

It took 20 months to get the perfect Team MooBear photo.
What do you think?

I also have to thank Cam for the pants pattern she sent me some time ago now. I was able to whip up a pair of jeans for Bubble to wear with her very special handmade top.

What's happening in your creative space today?


  1. Oh, wow, those are fantastic photos! You all look great, such a beautiful family!

  2. Wow, great photos, a fantastic excuse for no crafting!

  3. Goody, I'm off to check out the photos. That last one is indeed perfect.

  4. Adorable..Know what ya mean about the long wait for a great family photo...We are in major need of one as well.

  5. Great pic! You all look very happy!

  6. That's such a great thing to do. Those pics look fab. I am so inspired by these but I think I might have to wait til the sun comes out next November to do ours on a sunny day.

  7. Wow Steph! They are truly gorgeous.
    I'm trying to organise a similar session for my nephews at the moment - no posing, just natural photos of them being themselves and having fun.

  8. Fabulous , fabulous , fabulous!! What a brilliant job he has done. I now know where I will go next (seeing as how our family photographer has gone OS)
    Ally <'v'>

  9. What a great picture of you and your family, you all look so happy and nothing looks posed.....these pictures are always the best ones.

  10. Those photos are fabulous. David did such an awesome job. He captured it all so perfectly and true to the family. Love it : )

  11. i think they are ace. great to have photos that capture the real you('s)

  12. LOVE the one of you and Carlos with the sunshine coming through the trees!!!! And Moo's freckles are the BEST!! :D Bubble's features are sooo tiny and delicate, the pictures of her are all so feminine and pretty!! And Bear is such a fabulous mixture of you AND Carlos...he got all of your best features!! ;) GREAT GREAT photos!! I can see how you LOVE THEM ALL!!! xo