Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monstrous MooBear News...

Well here we are!!
I told you to stay tuned and I hope you all have because this is going to be an exciting post. So exciting in fact that I am not really sure where to start...

As you know we are celebrating MooBear's first birthday. We have come along way since launching. MooBear was just taking baby steps into the world and now we are running, skipping and jumping along and every part of the journey has been fun.

And now, we can stop running for a moment to announce our 3 new Monstrous Designs available from our store.

We would like you to meet our Monsters Within range.

Meet Kevin. He can burp the alphabet.
Learn more about him here.

This is Monstro. She is a musician.
Learn more about her here.

Finally, this is Spike. She just oozes attidude.
Learn more about her here.

As with all of our designs these little monsters are made from recycled fabric so each one is unique and our garments are all ethically made and environmentally friendly. Find out more about the love and care that goes into making each and every one of our garments on our about page.

We are sure you all know a little monster just like these!!


We are also celebrating the launch of my new label Over It!

It has grown from my little hobby to once again feeding my soul for all things up-cycled, recycled and refashioned. Have a look through my madeit store and enjoy the colours of recycling. To find out more about Over It! head to my profile.


To celebrate our birthday and the launch of Over It! we are giving away a free Over It! gift with every order.

With every Big Kids tee order you can choose from either..

A Zip It Hair Tie Set similar to this one.*

Or a Zip It Pocket Pal similar to this one.*

If you order a baby garment you will receive...

A Handmade Taggy Toy Set similar to this one.*

And we are also offering FREE postage to anywhere in the world on all orders.

That's a present from MooBear to you valued at $20.

All you need to do is let us know which gift you would like in the special instructions of your order.

*Limit of one free Over It! gift per order. If your order is made up of both Big Kids garments and Baby garments you will receive one Zip It item and one set of Taggy Toys..

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  1. Great news! Congrats!! I just opened a madeit shop as well...small world. I'm a bit behind reading blogs so just read this and am really excited for you! Might be a few too many exclamation marks here but what the heck!!