Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Meet My Local Coffee Shop Espresso Train...

When we come back to visit Summer Hill every couple of weeks or more there are certain places we HAVE to visit and people who we HAVE to see.

Up there at the top of the list is Espresso Train aka Judy and Fleur's.
They sell Toby's Estate Fair Trade Coffee.

Moo and I walked past Judy's every morning when I worked nearby back in 2004. I didn't drink coffee back then but Moo and I became really good friends with Judy and her daughter Fleur shortly after they opened. Moo would wave when ever we went past and they were part of our morning routine.

When I fell pregnant with Bear in 2005 they watched me get bigger and bigger for 9mths as Moo and I continued to walk past on my way to work every morning.
During this time they became a shoulder to lean on, a place where I felt safe and understood and they became our extended family.

So much so that I walked down to see them with Bear the day after he was born. Judy and Fleur were in complete shock that I had given birth to him in our bathroom just up the road and that I was sitting right there telling them calmly about the event.

So now I would walk Moo to kindy with Bear in the sling.
We would wave every morning on the way to school and from school and they would wave back.

After I dropped Moo off Bear and I would often stop in and have a coffee.

We would sit together on this wonderful red couch in the warm sun. I would breastfeed him while watching the cars, people and trains pass by.

He went from lying on the couch as a new born to sitting on the floor in front of me to taking his first steps on the wooden floor to running in all by himself to give Judy and Fleur a hug every morning.

We were invited to Fleurs wedding which we attended and met more of their wonderful family.

When I fell pregnant with Bubble we moved house. But only to the other side of the station which you can see in this photo. They watched me take Moo and Bear up to school and back again everyday as I got bigger and bigger once again. Only this time I had a pram to push.

I enjoyed a coffee more regularly during the week so Bear and I would stop by have a coffee, chai or strawberry milkshake together. We also enjoyed breakfast, lunch and sometimes an early dinner. They always had yummy food and the company was worth staying for.

The day after Bubble was born we were straight back down to show Judy and Fleur our newest little member. Once again they were in shock that I didn't stay in hospital although relieved that I had made it there this time.

Judy and Fleur have also been through a lot during this time and have shared their pain, happiness and laughter with our family too. We gave and received advice from each other and were also there to listen even if only for a brief moment. Sometimes that's all you need in your day.

We have made, met and lost friends at Judy and Fleurs but that's all part of life.

When we go back to Summer Hill it's not just to buy the fair trade coffee I love but it's also to reconnect with the people who were in our lives on a daily basis.

They are the people who we miss the most. The ones we would see everyday on the way to and from school.

The people who know our children and love to see them smile.
Who become concerned when they haven't seen us in a few days.
Who always have open arms ready for a Moo, Bubble and Bear hug.

They know who they are and know how much we love and miss them everyday.

ps. The photo shoot was awesome and I can't wait to share them with you all.


  1. That brought a tear to my eye Steph - beautiful post :-)

  2. That's a lovely story!! Thanks for sharing

  3. That is such a beautiful story Stephanie, you are lucky to have such special people in your life.

  4. What a precious relationship. You're a great community-builder Steph, I love the way you've invested in that cafe and those people and almost become family.

  5. Nice!!
    Are you standing in my driveway for the last photo?
    We miss having you guys around. Great to see you the other day.
    Ally <'v'>

  6. great post steph, but are you serious about having your bubba Bear in the bathroom? wow!