Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Junk Lovin... Tupperware

While we were in Summer Hill on Friday another shop on the top of our list to visit is our local treasure shop. We called in there on our way back to the station and I am super excited that we did. Just look at what I picked up!!!

Can you see Bubble expression? Like most children her age her favourite place to play is the Tupperware cupboard. Now that it has a child lock she doesn't get the access she is use to having hehe.

You all know how expensive Tupperware is but incase you don't let me give you an idea.
The 2 Blue containers are priced at $40.95 each. While the 4 green containers are priced at $35 for the set. The purple snack cups are constantly used in our house as they are the perfect size for things snacky... and jelly too. They are priced at $23.60 for a set of 4.

(I have the current Tupperware Autumn/Winter 2010 catalogue to compare prices)

I bought this lot for $15. That also included a ladies skirt and 7 kids books (it was a long trip home). About 95% of our Tuppareware is 2nd hand or handed down which I think is a little bit awesome...don't you?

The first thing to go in our new Tupperware are some Choc-Banana Cookies. Which have neither chocolate or banana in them. Sometimes they are cookies and sometimes they are more scones. Either way the kids eat eat them.

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  1. Oh I am so incredibly jealous of our Tupperware score, that is the best bargain I think I have ever seen. I really really love Tupperware and have purchased a few things (mainly the kids stuff) and love it, it just lasts whereas the cheaper stuff is usually broken very quickly.

  2. Oh I'm so jealous, I have a Tupperwear fetish.
    Yes I'll stand up and say 'hello,my name is Liz and I'm addicted to Tupperwear!!!' LOL

  3. wow so jealous! We're hosting a Tupperware party next week but to be honest I love my vintage Tupperware more than the newer stuff!

  4. yes me too, I'm a little envious of that find! good for you

  5. That is a super bargain. I am an ex tupperware demonstrator and actually have all of those containers. They are fabulous - I love the colours of them. I have heaps of left over keychains too from when I was a demonstrator - I might have to do a blog giveaway for some

  6. What a great find Stephanie! Go Tupperware!

  7. SWEET STASH! Cheap Tupperware is BETTER:)

  8. The coolest thing is that all that Tupperware is so new, it is 2008 seasons colours I think. And most of it is from the picnic set they put out which retails for around the $200 mark, think it is just missing some cups. And the cooler bag it all fits in. I used to sell Tupperware. It is a great find!