Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5 Minute Refashion and Headbands...

It's been awhile since I have done an actually refashion of a garment. My last refashion was my Traffic Stopping Dress which was refashioned into skirt and top... Gotta love a refashioned refashion.

So obviously it's getting colder. I need to make warmer choices when refashioning. My friend Amanda gave me her daughters size 6 pink and white stripped top.
Right there on the spot I knew it was going to be a dress for Bubble.

I sat down at my sewing machine and without measuring it took in the sides. Pretty simple refashion with a great result for Bubble don't you think? Worn with a long sleeve shirt and her Agoo 100% sustainable bamboo leghuggers it's the perfect Winter solution.
I even whipped up a belt with the left over pieces from cutting off the sides. Now this should have been easy but there was some confusion with how to make the belt loops stay put and hold in place. Eventually we figured it out and my 5min refashion was complete.

I have also been having more fun with some massive purple zippers (you can see them here at the end of the post) I wasn't sure what to make with them until it dawned on me... Make them into quirky coloured headbands. They have been added to my store and are a limited run as I only have a handful of those zippers left.
I also forgot to add to my listing that they are one size fits all!!

I have also added some green and grey hair tie sets. I am feeling a little sad that I will run out of zippers but I am also excited about finding new items to reclaim and recreate!!


  1. nice refashion Steph!
    cute zipper headbands ♥

  2. The zipper headbands are adorable!

  3. You truly are amazing! Checkout my blog today to meet some other cool upcycling! I promise not to forget Junk Love Club tommorrow!

  4. Congrats on your Bday!!! Has it only been a YEAR??!! It seems like I've known you a lifetime already!! :D LOVE the zipper headbands and ties....sooooo creative!! Your talent always AMAZES me...here's to MANY more years of MooBear goodies!!

    P.S. Bubble just keeps getting cuter and cuter!! xo

  5. Gees - that is sooo cute - love the pinks and well done on the belt - can be tricky doing what are supposed to be simple things sometimes! They sure are some crazy zipper pieces! Nice creativity - love the bright colours :) Isn't the bamboo fabric soooo soft!

  6. Very very cool! Love the dress, love the headband and of course love the hair ties!!!