Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Creative Space...Family Photo's

In my creative space today there will be no crafting.


Because our family photo's are available. I am too busy enjoying every photo over and over again and you can all have a sneak peak too.

On our last trip to Sydney we had our family photo shoot with David from David Henry Photography. It was beautiful day, we spent time in our local park which the kids are all familiar with and managed to catch up with a friend or two while we were there.

Carlos and I have never had a professional photo shoot. Lets face it pixie photos just doesn't cut it for our crazy family of 5.
Moo, Bear and Bubble were themselves and nothing was forced.

We dressed as we do everyday.

There is no photo we don't like...

It took 20 months to get the perfect Team MooBear photo.
What do you think?

I also have to thank Cam for the pants pattern she sent me some time ago now. I was able to whip up a pair of jeans for Bubble to wear with her very special handmade top.

What's happening in your creative space today?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Junk Lovin... Baby Singlets.


Time to pull out my stack of baby singlets from the treasure shop.
I love this photo.
They make the perfect place to display baby items.
The booties were my first attempt at a baby craft for Bubble while I was pregnant. Aren't they seriously adorable??!! Made from all recycled materials of course.

I also use to turn them into bags for MooBear shirts. They were really popular and I enjoyed the process of adding something extra to an order. I think I might have to think about adding them to my Over It! store... hehe.

For more Junk Lovin head over to Em's blog. We need more Junk Lovers involved so join up over there while you are at it...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5 Minute Refashion and Headbands...

It's been awhile since I have done an actually refashion of a garment. My last refashion was my Traffic Stopping Dress which was refashioned into skirt and top... Gotta love a refashioned refashion.

So obviously it's getting colder. I need to make warmer choices when refashioning. My friend Amanda gave me her daughters size 6 pink and white stripped top.
Right there on the spot I knew it was going to be a dress for Bubble.

I sat down at my sewing machine and without measuring it took in the sides. Pretty simple refashion with a great result for Bubble don't you think? Worn with a long sleeve shirt and her Agoo 100% sustainable bamboo leghuggers it's the perfect Winter solution.
I even whipped up a belt with the left over pieces from cutting off the sides. Now this should have been easy but there was some confusion with how to make the belt loops stay put and hold in place. Eventually we figured it out and my 5min refashion was complete.

I have also been having more fun with some massive purple zippers (you can see them here at the end of the post) I wasn't sure what to make with them until it dawned on me... Make them into quirky coloured headbands. They have been added to my store and are a limited run as I only have a handful of those zippers left.
I also forgot to add to my listing that they are one size fits all!!

I have also added some green and grey hair tie sets. I am feeling a little sad that I will run out of zippers but I am also excited about finding new items to reclaim and recreate!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Creative Space...Over It!

The creative juices are well and truly flowing in our studio this week.

After I received my pin cushion from Hannah I have been intrigued by the idea of tiny little hexagons. Gina has also been making some and I just thought 'Right I need to give this a go'...

Now I am not sure what I will use (do people ever know?) them for but seeings as I have also launched Over It! they might just be used in some weird and wonderful way...

Speaking of Over It! do you like my new shop banner?

Carlos and I were working on a different design and it hit me. Show what Over It! simply is with crazy fonts and colours. I have added a few items which I have made as well as the little letter stamps I use to make my tags.
I am really happy with with my final banner design.

So today I made these Zip It Hair Ties. I will being adding them to my store soon along with some new headbands...

Don't forget as part of MooBear's Birthday celebration each MooBear order will receive an Over It! gift for free valued at $20. Details are our monstrous celebration are here.

I am off to check out more creative spaces...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monstrous MooBear News...

Well here we are!!
I told you to stay tuned and I hope you all have because this is going to be an exciting post. So exciting in fact that I am not really sure where to start...

As you know we are celebrating MooBear's first birthday. We have come along way since launching. MooBear was just taking baby steps into the world and now we are running, skipping and jumping along and every part of the journey has been fun.

And now, we can stop running for a moment to announce our 3 new Monstrous Designs available from our store.

We would like you to meet our Monsters Within range.

Meet Kevin. He can burp the alphabet.
Learn more about him here.

This is Monstro. She is a musician.
Learn more about her here.

Finally, this is Spike. She just oozes attidude.
Learn more about her here.

As with all of our designs these little monsters are made from recycled fabric so each one is unique and our garments are all ethically made and environmentally friendly. Find out more about the love and care that goes into making each and every one of our garments on our about page.

We are sure you all know a little monster just like these!!


We are also celebrating the launch of my new label Over It!

It has grown from my little hobby to once again feeding my soul for all things up-cycled, recycled and refashioned. Have a look through my madeit store and enjoy the colours of recycling. To find out more about Over It! head to my profile.


To celebrate our birthday and the launch of Over It! we are giving away a free Over It! gift with every order.

With every Big Kids tee order you can choose from either..

A Zip It Hair Tie Set similar to this one.*

Or a Zip It Pocket Pal similar to this one.*

If you order a baby garment you will receive...

A Handmade Taggy Toy Set similar to this one.*

And we are also offering FREE postage to anywhere in the world on all orders.

That's a present from MooBear to you valued at $20.

All you need to do is let us know which gift you would like in the special instructions of your order.

*Limit of one free Over It! gift per order. If your order is made up of both Big Kids garments and Baby garments you will receive one Zip It item and one set of Taggy Toys..

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Washing Day...

Lets talk about washing!!!

I haven't enjoyed doing the washing as much as I do in our new house. Let me share with you why that is.

This is our old place in Summer Hill. The photo is taken on our back step down the back of our house... In the 'backyard'

What makes for a bad washing experience??

- Washing had to be done every morning before the sun disappeared.
- The square line would hold one load.
- The two lines we put up would hold another load or the bedding.
- Not all the washing would be dry by the afternoon.
- No grass for kids to join me outside.

It was just horrible and would take so much organising if I wanted it dry by the afternoon. Heaven forbid I missed a load as it would build up and mean more work or having to use the dryer...

This is our new place on the Central Coast. The photo is taken on our back steps down the back of our house... In the 'backyard'

What makes for a wonderful washing experience?

- Doing 4 load in one day every 4 days.
- Having full sun all day everyday.
- Having grass for the kids to play and help me do the washing.
- Clothes dry by the afternoon.

I think never having a hills hoist and adequate drying space has made me appreciate washing day just that much more. It's not a chore so much. It's often a family activity as the kids all come outside and enjoy each other and their space.

Speaking of which I need to go take the washing off the line!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Junk Lovin... Tupperware

While we were in Summer Hill on Friday another shop on the top of our list to visit is our local treasure shop. We called in there on our way back to the station and I am super excited that we did. Just look at what I picked up!!!

Can you see Bubble expression? Like most children her age her favourite place to play is the Tupperware cupboard. Now that it has a child lock she doesn't get the access she is use to having hehe.

You all know how expensive Tupperware is but incase you don't let me give you an idea.
The 2 Blue containers are priced at $40.95 each. While the 4 green containers are priced at $35 for the set. The purple snack cups are constantly used in our house as they are the perfect size for things snacky... and jelly too. They are priced at $23.60 for a set of 4.

(I have the current Tupperware Autumn/Winter 2010 catalogue to compare prices)

I bought this lot for $15. That also included a ladies skirt and 7 kids books (it was a long trip home). About 95% of our Tuppareware is 2nd hand or handed down which I think is a little bit awesome...don't you?

The first thing to go in our new Tupperware are some Choc-Banana Cookies. Which have neither chocolate or banana in them. Sometimes they are cookies and sometimes they are more scones. Either way the kids eat eat them.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Meet My Local Coffee Shop Espresso Train...

When we come back to visit Summer Hill every couple of weeks or more there are certain places we HAVE to visit and people who we HAVE to see.

Up there at the top of the list is Espresso Train aka Judy and Fleur's.
They sell Toby's Estate Fair Trade Coffee.

Moo and I walked past Judy's every morning when I worked nearby back in 2004. I didn't drink coffee back then but Moo and I became really good friends with Judy and her daughter Fleur shortly after they opened. Moo would wave when ever we went past and they were part of our morning routine.

When I fell pregnant with Bear in 2005 they watched me get bigger and bigger for 9mths as Moo and I continued to walk past on my way to work every morning.
During this time they became a shoulder to lean on, a place where I felt safe and understood and they became our extended family.

So much so that I walked down to see them with Bear the day after he was born. Judy and Fleur were in complete shock that I had given birth to him in our bathroom just up the road and that I was sitting right there telling them calmly about the event.

So now I would walk Moo to kindy with Bear in the sling.
We would wave every morning on the way to school and from school and they would wave back.

After I dropped Moo off Bear and I would often stop in and have a coffee.

We would sit together on this wonderful red couch in the warm sun. I would breastfeed him while watching the cars, people and trains pass by.

He went from lying on the couch as a new born to sitting on the floor in front of me to taking his first steps on the wooden floor to running in all by himself to give Judy and Fleur a hug every morning.

We were invited to Fleurs wedding which we attended and met more of their wonderful family.

When I fell pregnant with Bubble we moved house. But only to the other side of the station which you can see in this photo. They watched me take Moo and Bear up to school and back again everyday as I got bigger and bigger once again. Only this time I had a pram to push.

I enjoyed a coffee more regularly during the week so Bear and I would stop by have a coffee, chai or strawberry milkshake together. We also enjoyed breakfast, lunch and sometimes an early dinner. They always had yummy food and the company was worth staying for.

The day after Bubble was born we were straight back down to show Judy and Fleur our newest little member. Once again they were in shock that I didn't stay in hospital although relieved that I had made it there this time.

Judy and Fleur have also been through a lot during this time and have shared their pain, happiness and laughter with our family too. We gave and received advice from each other and were also there to listen even if only for a brief moment. Sometimes that's all you need in your day.

We have made, met and lost friends at Judy and Fleurs but that's all part of life.

When we go back to Summer Hill it's not just to buy the fair trade coffee I love but it's also to reconnect with the people who were in our lives on a daily basis.

They are the people who we miss the most. The ones we would see everyday on the way to and from school.

The people who know our children and love to see them smile.
Who become concerned when they haven't seen us in a few days.
Who always have open arms ready for a Moo, Bubble and Bear hug.

They know who they are and know how much we love and miss them everyday.

ps. The photo shoot was awesome and I can't wait to share them with you all.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Creative Space...Zippers

Just a quick one today. I have finally put my mass collection of zippers to use and am once again addicted to making things with zippers. I even have massive ones to work with too.

Tomorrow Team MooBear is heading to Summer Hill where we use to live. We are having our first family photo shoot.
I can't wait to run around and have fun just being the crazy family we are.

David from David Henry Photography has a big job ahead of him with Moo, Bear and Bubble.

I whipped these up for Moo and I to wear just for the photo shoot too.

Feeling creative? Why not share it with us at Kootoyoo so we can all have squiz

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Junk Lovin... Watch Out!!

If I saw this ladies watch in a treasure shop I probably wouldn't look twice.
This, however is not a treasure shop watch. I use to play with this watch when i was a little girl. I would try on all my Mother's (Grandmother's) trinkets and treasures with so much pleasure. Sitting in front of her dresser on her make up chair with rings, brooches and scarves.

When she passed away she left me a few pieces of jewellery which I use to play with. They will always remain special and close to my heart. I believe this piece use to belong to her Mother who is my Great-grandmother. I am not sure how she acquired it.
Maybe I should ask.

I am not sure if it works.
Maybe it just needs a battery replaced? In the mean time I still wear my watch.

Moo, Bear and Bubble are, on special occasions aloud to 'play' with them...

For more junk lovers I would quickly head over here to the home of junk loving.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Peg Basket And Scrap Dress...

Yesterday Carlos took Bubble to the shops while Bear was asleep which meant I had some time for some seriously fast crafting (in between sewing new designs of course). I had called past Hannah's blog and seen this peg apron.

Bubble broke my peg basket and this was the perfect solution seeings as I do 4 loads in one day twice a week. That's a lot of bending and stretching.

Made from recycled jeans and trim I picked up from the op shop.

I love hanging out our washing in the sun shine.
I love our hills hoist.
I love that Bubble helps me with the pegs.
I love it when Bear and Bubble play peek a boo between the sheets.
I love that on a good day all the washing is dry in the afternoon.

My new peg basket will make my job easier!! Thanks Hannah for sharing your library finds and creations!!

Moo also pieced together a dress using all the scrap materials I have ready to donate.

I am not sure how she wants to sew it together... or if she intends on wearing it but she is one very proud young lady!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday MooBear Designs...

It's been exactly one year since MooBear launched.

We have big things planned for this month including new designs, giveaways, new product launches, new label launches, birthday presents and surprises for random blog comments.

...May is the month for MooBear Designs to rock our world...

Thank You to everyone for supporting MooBear and getting us this far. They say the first year is the hardest when starting a new business. It was worth every bump and hole we encountered along the road!!