Saturday, April 10, 2010

Traffic Stopping Dress...

You know when you set out to achieve something and when you get there it's not quite what you were expecting.



Then you discover what you were trying to achieve was still the same only it's suddenly bigger and better than what you originally thought...

So let's take a look at the evolution of my Traffic Stopping Dress...

I completed this dress which was the first time I had pulled out a pattern to make something from scratch for myself since high school. Unfortunately I missed the "Size 16" stamped on the front of the pattern. I am not a size 16.

I told Carlos to close his eyes before I showed him my efforts and once he opened them his facial expression was priceless. He could tell I was so proud to have constructed the dress from scratch even though we both knew it was too big and let's face it I looked like a clown.

I had managed to make a dress.

Now it was time to rethink and refashion my new dress into something a little more suited to my personality.

I cut off the big puffy sleeves and put 2 darts in the bust.
Re shaped the body and donned my favourite comfy jeans.

I also remembered how to tie a neck tie.
Much nicer than a bow.

My favourite part about the dress was definitely making the skirt. Usually I would just put elastic in it but this time I decided to make a waist band.

How cute does it look!!??

I ended up adding pleats evenly around the skirt adding a tie up waist band.
My thinking behind the skirt was that Moo can wear it too.

So there you have it.

I wonder if this bed sheet preferred to be hidden in a room or is happier to be worn out and about? I know which I prefer.

I went back to the treasure shop where I bought the sheets and the ladies there remembered me. They were extremely impressed with my new skirt. So impressed in fact that I was shown a special area where they do the treasure sorting and they just had a delivery of scrap materials and trimmings.

They asked if I would be interested in sorting through it... hmmm what do you think my answer was?


  1. You are BRILLIANT. I love the process, and the end result, and I love that the refashion required a refashion, and I love how gorgeous you look! Too cute for words really.

  2. That is a very cool skirt! Hope you check out my post on Wednesday.... I have been doing a little jypsy sewing myself!

  3. Wow! What a project. It looks like you got a lot out of it (no pun intended). :)

  4. That is so cool!
    i am totally impressed!

  5. Hee hee... the dress looks a bit like a huge nightie!
    But, you are totally rocking the top and the skirt. They look fab. I especially love the pleated details on the skirt.

  6. Great save! Now you have two great pieces instead of one - what more could a girl want. Looks awesome. You're very clever.

  7. It is so great Steph, perfectly suited to you! How lucky are you getting in with the oppy ladies. You are sure to find some gems!

  8. Wow that is awesome Steph, great job. Love the top and skirt. You are so clever

  9. Love it, the whole story is great and the end results look fantastic! Well done.

  10. Like so cute! I found your site via I'm glad I followed the link. I really like the look of your products! I'll be back.

    Love Kelly

  11. Fantastic!!!!!

    Even if the dress had fit to start with, I think I would have still liked the skirt & shirt more - BIG LOVE!

    Well done!

  12. What a great use of a bed sheet!

    I agree that the two separate pieces are way better than the one, even if it had fit right. They're so great that way that I'd definitely call it a happy accident!

  13. ha ha ha ha! great effort, i'm sad that it was the wrong size, but i like it better as a shirt and a skirt anyway. nice work. now that's is dedicated re-fashioning... making your own dress just so you can re-fashion it!

  14. as a size 16 I must admit I'm cringing that you didn't give me a chance to wear it ;)
    but I love the new combo! Perfect!

  15. That is brilliant! I love the whole story and especially the skirt and top. And hooray for the opportunity to visit the back room. Love your work.