Monday, April 12, 2010

Reflections, Pledges and Mother Earth...

It's insane just how much times goes by so quickly. I am reaching the 6 month mark when I took Isis' Ethical Clothing Pledge along with the Wardrobe Refashion Pledge.

I had already been doing both but this was a way to document and see what else I could do to cut back, lower our consumption, reduce our carbon foot print and generally look at things differently to help out Mother Earth.

So Team MooBear pledged to only wear clothing that was one or more of the following:

1. Pre-loved
2. Handmade (preferably by us)
3. Reconstructed
4. Made with ethical / environmentally friendly materials
5. Made by a company with strong ethical policy & workers' rights

I am proud that we did all this and more. During this time the kids and I have reconstructed and made so many clothes, bought solely from treasure shops, bought handmade items or dressed in our designs... YAY.

Since moving from the city it has been easier to simplify our spending habits and just be creative in general. We were able to clearly see what we could change within our lifestyle straight away and what we needed to work on.

Below is just a list and recap of some of things we did throughout the year. And not just clothing but toys, gifts, and handmade items from friends and family.

I had fun looking back at what we had done and it's nice to see that things were not made then put away never to be used. Everything gets made and used in our home!!


1. Some seriously funky refashioning pictured above.
2. Made a neck warmer using scrap material. She also has a tutorial planned for our blog on how to make one for yourself.
3. Headbands are a favourite in our family.
4. Knitting needle jewellery was a lot of fun.
5. Joining in the SuperPops challenge was fun as we used what we already had lying around the house.

6. Brooches and pin cushions were made as well.
7. Sydney Stitches and Craft Show last year was a big Mother Daughter day and we had a ball.
8. Easter hat creations.


1. Bear's handmade omnitrix was a hit and pictured above the shirt I made him.
2. Ben 10 birthday party with handmade bunting, pinata, cake and activities.
3. Even boys need a headband sometimes.
4. Cars and dinosaurs are fun to make.

5. Up cycled pillow case into truck pillow and matching sleep shorts. I am proud to say he still sleeps with the pillow we made together and his shorts.


1. Craft Schmaft has been a big influence on our family. We introduced Monstro, Wonk, Cyril and one little monster who wasn't complete without nipples.
2. Boutique Creations crocheted flower photographed above.
3. Has a one of a kind Birthday outfit refashioned from her brothers button up shirt.
4. Is dressed by handmade with love clothing.

5. Custom made hair clips and a matching top.
6. Baby booties made just for her.

On a personal note...

1. Neither Carlos or I drive which suits us. Instead we use our pram to get around or if I am feeling like it I'll use this one.
2. We handmade Christmas presents which went over quite nicely.
3. I choose to go through my last 2 pregnancy's with a firm hold of my own personally pledge.
4. Since moving I now make my own organic, fair trade or pesticide free coffee. I can't walk down to my favourite Toby's Estate coffee shop anymore.
5. We buy organic and local produce when ever possible.

So what else can our family do to make a difference in both our lifestyle and the over all planet.
One of the biggest things at the moment for me is the over use of packaging. It's only become really apparent after the kids birthdays last month. I through away so much that it broke my heart. I wanted to keep it just so I could say I reused it. I would like to focus more on handmade gifts for friends and family this year.

Another goal of ours is to get our vegie patch up and running. I do fear I have missed the season as Matt from Enviro Central said I better be really quick about it!!

Because we choose not to drive due to the impact on the environment Carlos and I have bought our bikes. All we need is the carriage on the back for Bear and Bubble. We can enjoy a family outing on our bikes, do quick dashes to the shops or go the beach. We are looking forward to our first family bike adventure so much.

Then of course there is MooBear Designs...

We have had some wonderful opportunities to work with some great up and coming companies. I won't go into detail as you can see them in our portfolio page but they include Enviro Central

But what about our own T-shirts..

Every design is hand made using recycled fabrics making each one original and unique. Our Big Kid's Tees are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified(free of harmful chemicals), 100% cotton, ethically made and eco-friendly.

We are very proud to offer you childrens clothing with a conscience.
We are currently working on 3 fresh new designs right in time for winter. Stay tuned for more as I think you might just get a sneak peak at what we have been working on!!

Head over to our SHOP and check out our big kids tees as well as our baby garments.

Well there you have it!! I am off to have a coffee. I just picked up a cappuccino machine from our local treasure shop... for $5 WHAT? Beats spending hundreds of dollars.
Would anyone else like one??


  1. I am with you in spirit having a coffee right now! Cheers...... I am EMbarking on some new upcycled aprons with a friend of mine, will post more about it on Wednesday... Would love your comments! You are an inspiration to me on the upcycled and eco front.... keep up the amazing posts! MAWah

  2. You are way too good, I'm feeling slack reading your blog and must get some things back to basics again, as I call it.
    Have a lovely week and thanks for sharing and inspiring me!

  3. I'd love a cappucino thanks!
    That muticoloured flower brooch is fabulous.