Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Juggling Act...

Did you know I can juggle?

I totally can!!

I learnt to juggle while I was learning to play tennis. It was part of my balls skills class and was one of my favourite classes during my 15 years of playing the sport.

I can also bounce a still ball from the ground into full bounce using my racquet.
I can catch a ball lobbed into the air into a stationary position on my racquet.
I can balance my racquet on one finger, I can do a lot of things which I learnt from playing tennis.

I can juggle life... just not as well as a tennis ball or 3.

Things are changing here at MooBear HQ.
We are having to juggle things around and I am finding my tennis skills are coming in handy. The kids think it's funny that their Mum can juggle. It makes me just a little bit more awesome in their eyes!!

Priorities are shifting both with family and our business.

We are working on new designs and products for MooBear Designs.
Carlos is building upon Analog Transmission.
We are in the process of launching Over It!
Carlos is returning to study his Bachelor of Arts.
Bubble and Bear are demanding more attention during the day as they get older.
Moo is growing into a beautiful young lady before our eyes.

This is just to name a few of the changes in our house hold and everyday life. I wont be able to blog as regularly as I do but that doesn't mean we are doing less of what we normally do. I'll still be calling past my regular blogs too.

Our blog will also be undergoing a make over. We have added an About MooBear Designs page, Up-Cycling Tutorial page and Portfolio page so far. We need to do a belated spring clean of our side bars and tidy up some loose ends.

We will still be refashioning, crafting, recreating, treasure hunting, dancing, singing and even have a family day planned just like our KISS day.

...In amongst all of this MooBear Designs will also be turning 1 year old on the 1st May.

We have some special things in store for our blog followers so stay tuned to this channel.


  1. It's definitely a juggle to keep up with everything that you want (and need) to do. Good luck with the changes and updates!

  2. Thanks for keeping us so informed of the exciting life at Casa MooBear! I look forward to seeing all your changes and I am sure everything will be just magnificent as always!

  3. Hurray!!
    And I can vouch that Steph is one of the best multi-taskers / jugglers I have EVER met!!

  4. Oh wow I love the new business, looks fantastic!
    Famil, Life and business can all be a bit of a juggle at times I know that feeling.

    Looking forward to seeing your changes ;)

  5. P.S loving the pages on your Blog, might have to look into that ;)

  6. Change can be exciting. I am envious of your juggling skills - something I always wished I knew how to do. Good luck with everything :)

  7. Love all those photos, you all look so content.