Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Sent And Received My Pin Cushion...

Thank You Hannah (Chicken Willow) for my custom made, one of a kind, made from scraps... Drum roll please..
Chicken and egg pin cushion set.

My request was short and simple... I Would love anything purple or up cycled from scraps.
Hannah hit the nail on the head and everything about my pin cushions is special, right down to the hand painted gift wrapping by her children.

Which came first the chicken or the egg?

In this case Hannah made the chicken first using felt scraps from her children's craft box, calico and brown material and a gorgeous purple yarn sent from Ireland.

She wasn't sure if sticking pins in her was a good idea. She solved that problem and made an egg using tiny pieces of purple scraps *giggles* the hexagons are seriously tiny. Denim from a pair of favourite jeans and the egg cup is super special as it was a left over from her wedding day. Awwww.

She also used scrap fabric to fill the egg.
I am happy to report that the egg isn't too hard for the pins at all.

Dory likes chicken too.
Don't worry no chickens were harmed during this photo shoot!!

You can never have enough photo's of your new favourite pin cushions!!

This is my swap partners pin cushion which just so happens to be Hannah. You can check out the goodies I sent her over on her blog.

Do you like the pins?
Gretchen sent them to me for my project I am working on for Isis' Tea Zine.
Check out june at noon or her Etsy store.

I should thank Kate for organising such a wonderful swap.
I hope she heard me...


  1. Aww shucks..thanks Stephanie!! It was so fun making these... searching for all the scraps and just planning it all. What a great swap! I'm fixing my email (I think it's a problem my end) so will email you ASAP. Thanks so much for my brilliant package!

  2. PS, I love that Dory loves the chicken!!

  3. I heard you!
    You are so welcome. I'm so pleased you played and got such a great swap package out of it. Yay! Love the chicken, the egg and those teeny weeny hexs are just the cutest.
    have a great weekend. X

  4. That is one seriously cool pin cushion, you lucky chook!

  5. that is way too cute for pins!