Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Wedding Anniversary...

It's our 5 year wedding anniversary today.

Carlos and I were married in Elkington Park, Balmain with 40 friends and family in attendance.

This was our little family back then.
Moo just turned 4 years old.

Moo's satin top ties in perfectly with my satin slip dress and sequinned top.
She is sooooooo tiny.

We decided rather than having a photographer we would have our friends bring along their own digital cameras to capture the day through their eyes.

These are just a handful of some of the beautiful and funny moments which were captured by our friends.

This is by far our favourite photo from all the ones taken by our friends.
It sums up everything our wedding was...


We did it completely our way and wouldn't change a single thing about the day at all!!

In the evening we had a game of hacky sack using a volley ball, drank champaign and watched the sun disappear.
Yes I wore my wedding dress during the game.

ps. Last year Carlos and I both forgot our wedding anniversary because we were crazy getting MooBear ready for launch... So hopefully we can make up for it this year!!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Love your dress and the photos are just gorgeous! Hope your planning a nice day/night to celebrate. xxx

  2. Happy Anniversary Guys... great photos! It looks perfectly laid back and lots of fun - my fave type of wedding.

  3. happy anniversary Moobears!!
    what gorgeous, fun pics of what looks like a wonderful day.
    enjoy the day & the hugs & kisses.

  4. Hurrah!!! Congratulations and all my love to you both (and the littlies too heheheh!)

  5. Congrats you beautiful people.
    My marriage motto I take straight from Bill and Ted's most excellent adventures." Be excellent to each other!!"
    I think they were on to something.
    Love you both
    Ally <'v'>

  6. Oh wow Congrats on 5 years! It looked like you had such a wonderful wedding! Enjoy the next 5 years and all them to come :)

  7. Congratulations! It's so good to celebrate - glad you rememered this year :)
    love the pics
    thanks for sharing them with us

  8. Happy wed Anniversary!Glad you can spare some time for some more fun this year :)x

  9. Happy anniversary! Photo's look fab and you guys still look as happy now as you did then :-)

    H x

  10. Hola primos.... que fotos tan increibles!!!... tan geniales... se ven tan felices que da envidia de tan solo mirarlas... les deseo toda la felicidad del mundo... y que les dure muchisimo tiempo mas... los queremos muchos a todos, y a los niños tambien... luv u!!!... this is Dalia and all my family´s wishes...

  11. ooh so cute! your wedding day looks wonderful. congratulations on 5 yrs xx

  12. Happy Anniversary! The two of you look great, but more importantly, you look happy!

    Fun photos, esp. the ones with the man pretending to dive off the rock behind you. Gave me the giggles.

  13. Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary Carlos and Stephanie. I remember it well. It truly was 'One Perfect Day'. Magical! The girl on the harp was a lovely touch too. Love to you and the kids. Ian Mooney

  14. Sorry I haven't commented earlier - hope you and your man celebrated your special day with the same amount of fun and frivolity you had on your wedding day!

  15. Happy wedding anniversary. It's so wonderful that you got to have your daughter at your own wedding. Pics are beautiful... xxx

  16. Looks like your friends have a sense of humour! We actually forgot ours last year too, my dad rang up to see if we were doing anything for our anniversary and I said, Oh ****, I forgot!