Friday, April 30, 2010

Give It Away Harry's Desk!!!

My creatively, inspirational friend Ally from just down the road back in Sydney is having a giveaway. It is a must for all you handmade, up cyclers, re fashioners, eco worriers... the list is endless really. She is giving away one of bags just like the one below for her Blogoversary.

Ally and I have known each other for ages and just when we were REALLY getting to know each other I go and move house.

She has made numerous handmade items for Moo, Bubble and I have yet to photograph Bear in his new monster shirt he received for his birthday... it's on my to do list.

Bubble and I also helped out when Harry's Desk had a professional photo shoot which you can see here on my blog... OR on Ally's blog here and here

When you go over and visit Ally's blog be sure to give her a big
from me...

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