Friday, April 2, 2010

Fox's Lane Pin Cushion Swap...

Things are just falling into place today...

I must be the last minute ring in for the Fox's Lane Pin Cushion Swap.

After some sewing early this morning I have managed to complete my pin cushion this afternoon as well.

I love school holidays as there is just so much more freedom and we are not bound by school routine.

I am very happy with my effort and if my swapper doesn't like it it has a beautiful print on the back and she can use it as a wall hanging instead!!

I also picked up these 2 single sheets for $4 to make this dress.

I told you I am not a floral person.
I figured I would make a bold statement while I am at it!! I'll post the finished photo's when I am done...


  1. THe pincushion teaser looks wonderful steph, I'm sure it'll be loved to pieces (and stabbed to pieces!).

    As for the sheets... you are one crazy lady! I just popped back to look at the pattern you're planning to make... I can't wait to see the end product. I can't quite visualise the soft, feminine flowiness of it all in your traffic sign fabric, but no doubt you'll totally pull it off!

  2. Love the material - I think it will make an awesome dress. I look forward to seeing the results x

  3. Love the pin cushion and the groovy fabric - nice!

  4. wow that's going to make one loud dress - look forward to seeing the result xx

  5. Mrs, I have every confidence you could pull off a maxi dress in that fabric...

  6. yes... no entry... tell carlos