Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cubbyhouse Apron Giveaway...

I don't often blog about other peoples giveaways but this one is just up my ally and I can't help but share the love of up cycling, refashioning and recreating. Especially when friends in blog land are so supportive of what I do.

Em and her 'sister in craft' Tania are teaming up to create these one of a kind recycled denim aprons.
For your chance to WIN a customised children's apron head over to Chubbyhouse. Say hi for me too as I owe Em a coffee from yesterday... hehe.

You can also call past their Madeit store as they get busy sewing and refashioning all those jeans you no longer wear!!

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  1. You are super! Tania is my 'sister in craft' I feel like we should be related though.... we share a similar mind set when it comes to sewing and recycling... much like you too! Cheers! PS Vanilla Latte's are my favourite! MAwah