Monday, March 29, 2010

Peppermint Magazine Feature...

Have you heard of Peppermint Magazine? If you are a re fashioner, eco worrier, greenie, sustainable pioneer the list goes on and on... Odds are you probably have.

Funnily enough my first Peppermint Mag was sent to me by Isis when we did a magazine swap last year. Being the greenie family we are it seemed like it was written for everyone in our family. From musical interviews to crafty adventures, sustainable living to chemical free kid safe products.

It is the perfect eco family magazine.

Issue 5 is out now.

A friend reads the magazine too and mentioned that one day she'll see MooBear in there. I laughed at her because it seemed so far away.

Apparently not...

In the Teenie Greenie section for little eco babies they have featured Moo's Flowers Bodysuit.

We are thoroughly delighted here at HQ and can't help but run are hands along the recycled paper image within the pages of a wonderful handmade treasure.


  1. Oh Steph, that is WONDERFUL. Congratulations to you guys.

  2. This is a great mag, Wohoo!!!Bravo for the feature it looks gorgeous!x

  3. Oh, wow - BIG congratulations : )Know the mag - its a goodie. Well done.